22 January 2016

Designing a Dream She-Sanctuary

Hi friends!
I was recently introduced to Chairish, an online marketplace for vintage furniture, and I was invited to create a sort of  "she-sanctuary" or "woman cave," if you will, featuring their bar stools. Chairish is a really neat site with LOADS of vintage goodies to choose from at various price points. So fun to dream up a space, with the hopes of maybe creating a similar room of my own one day! I'll share a few tips for pulling together a room- perfect for whether your room is just in the "dreaming/Pinterest" stages, or whether you're really creating your own dream "she-sanctuary" in real life!

 Nautical She-Santuary featuring Chairish's nautical teak bar stools
Traditional "manly" themes, such as Nautical or Industrial, can easily be made feminine! When designing, opt for softer fabrics, pastels, and curved lines to make any space light and airy! Whether you're watching your favorite show, curled up with a book, or pulling up a bar stool around the table and having a glass of wine with friends, this room is designed for all sorts of relaxing.

Where to start? 
Well, that depends on you! Here's a few things to consider...
- Do you have a favorite piece that you want to feature? Be it a set of bar stools that you just fell in love with or a piece of artwork passed down from a cherish grandmother.
- Do you have a color scheme that you've been dying to work with?
- Do you have a theme in mind? Beachy, industrial, shabby chic, safari...

Whether it's a piece of art, furniture, or a color scheme, make sure to keep that the central focus, keep it at the forefront of your mind as you design your space. Make sure you always remember your initial spark of joy that's driving the room design. 

Don't Be Afraid!
Whatever you're starting point, don't be afraid to go for it! Who says the industrial look is only for men? If you love it, use it in your space! Love pink but have been dying to do a safari theme room, mix it all together! Remember that this is YOUR sanctuary- use whatever makes YOU happy!

Safari She-Sanctuary Library featuring Chairish's leather rebar bar stools
Who says libraries or dens are only for men?! I love Disney World, so this library is inspired by Disney's Animal Kingdom! You'll notice a tilt-top drafting table, perfect height for pulling up a bar stool. It also does double duty for both sketching and writing letters or business notes. Relax with a cup of tea and a good book in a cozy chair. 

Go Big or Go Home
Gather your big pieces, your furniture. Furniture naturally takes up the most space in a room, and thus your eye is often drawn to it first. Make sure you like how all your pieces work together. If you're highlighting a piece of furniture you love, make sure none of your other pieces draw attention away from your focal piece.

I've found personally that your larger pieces are a good place to spend your budget on. If you skimp on quality, you'll just end up having to buy a new piece later. Buying solidly made furniture will pay off in the long run. You can save on your budget with the smaller supporting pieces in your space. 

Textile Talk
Gather your textiles- these are your throw pillows, your rugs, curtains, all the fabrics that co-exist in your space. Physically throw them all together in a pile- making sure you're happy that they all blend together well. 

Fabrics can really make or break a design. Smaller pieces, like throw pillows, can be a fun place to make a bold color statement without overtaking or detracting from the overall design of the room. Larger textile pieces, like curtains, can really help tie a theme or color scheme together. They can also take a back seat, say, if you want to really highlight the upholstery of your grandma's settee. Textiles can be the perfect place to blend two styles together- if your larger pieces are all "safari" theme, but you love pink- buy some solid pink throw blankets and a cushy pink rug! The only one who determines if they "go together" is you- so go with your own gut.

Beachy Crafting She-Sanctuary featuring Chairish's silver bamboo bar stools
Crafting, scrapbooking, card making- these are a few of my favorite pastimes! Having a standing height desk is wonderful, but having cute bar stool to pull up is also key. Keeping the furniture and curtains neutral allows the beach accessories and other textiles to really shine!

Bits and Pieces
Don't forget the finishing details. Your small containers to hold office supplies or your car keys. Change out the hardware on a piece to make it match your design perfectly. Just because lamps and trash bins are utilitarian doesn't mean they can't be cute too! A well placed, loved piece of art can round out your space. Maybe even a DIY piece! Going with a beach theme- why not frame your personal drawing with seashells from your recent trip to the shore?! Fill a cute container up with sand and those seashells you collected as a constant reminder of your favorite vacation.

Think outside the box too! That cute trash bin you've been eyeing up at Target doesn't have to hold trash- why not use it to corral your gift wrapping paper. That rug that isn't quite right in the living room, maybe it would be the perfect fit in your sanctuary! An adorable vase catch your eye at HomeGoods? Use it to hold pencils on your new desk!

Sweet Scented Serenity
Now that you've designed your perfect space, don't forget to make it smell good! A shameless plug here, but Scentsy has scents and styles for every space! Whether it's a scent pak tossed in a drawer, releasing fragrance every time you retrieve a notepad or pencil, a tiny, sleek travel tin on your desk top, or a a beautiful, bold diffuser or warmer- just poke around on my site to find your perfect fit, and let me know if you want any help or suggestions :) My SKStudioScents Website

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