15 August 2017

Swedish Country Dream Dining

Hey y'all! So clearly I've been on a decorating kick recently! Today I'm putting together my dream dining room. I've always said, when decorating, invest a little extra money in quality pieces. Too often I've tried to save money by buying the lowest priced items. Not only do I have to buy them again a few years (or sometimes months!) later because they break or wear down quickly, but I'm usually really dissatisfied because I settled on something I didn't completely love. So whether you're outfitting your own new dining room with purchases from your local vintage shop or buying new dining pieces from a shop like Arhaus, make sure you're getting well made, solidly built pieces that will stand the test of time! If you're crafty, you can even DIY pieces for a completely tailored-to-you look!

We've recently moved (that makes 7 moves in 8.5 years- such is the life of a Veteran spouse hehe) and so my mind always wanders towards our dream home one day. The hubby likes dark wood cabin man caves, and I like bright and white! I may have discovered a great blend of the two, which we shall call Swedish Country style! Inspired by Nordic farmhouses, it is clean and airy meets rustic, cozy charm- think lots of natural woodtones and pops of metals, very earthy, but usually with a white wash or earth-tone pastel tones. So, what would that style look like in my dream dining room? Well, let's explore...

(1) Large, solid farmhouse table- We love hosting family and friends, so an extendable table (or just a really large one to begin with! Hehe) is definitely top priority! This beauty at Arhaus fits the bill perfectly.
(2) Benches and seating galore- I love benches in a dining room! You can squeeze extra people on it, especially when there's kids about. We usually also have extra chairs in the corners of our dining room, so we can pull those up to the table when we need the extra seats at the table. While I love the idea of upholstered dining chairs, in reality, I think they're completely impractical! One spill of pasta sauce, and they're toast! So I'd opt for leather dining seat surfaces or pop on some slip covers- both easy to clean. Totally in love with this slip covered beauty!
(3) China hutch- I love a beautiful table, and we use our formal China set a few times a year, which means we need storage for such servewear and spare settings. So a China hutch is a must for us. This guy would completely fit the Scandinavian farmhouse style perfectly, and the color and detailing of this one would go great, but personally, I love ones that have a "counter" area that can function as a buffet area for large meals. There never seems to be enough room on the table for all of the platters when we cook large meals! So I love having that extra serving space right in the dining room. Ideally, I'd love to also have a butlers pantry in the pass through between my dream kitchen and dream dining room- extra storage and serving area, score!
(4) Floors and walls- This is where the Scandinavian feel starts to shine through. Grey or white washed floors, even painted white floors are really popular. Some earth tone pastels grace the walls and trim, or even some Nordic inspired wallpaper.
(5) Accessorize- Natural wood or white candlesticks, a pop of rustic iron pendants and sconces, and linens in popular Nordic patterns are the icing on the cake! Stick with natural elements, whether it's wood, metal, colors, and you're well on your way towards outfitting your dining room in the Swedish country feel. A little rusticness is good- perhaps some chippy paint on your vintage China hutch, or some rust on your metal sconce, these just add to the cozy farmhouse charm and keeping your colors light and bright give it that Scandinavian feel. Simple lines, uncluttered, homey.

Do you think this is a style you'd enjoy in your home? I think it's a great blend of the natural elements  with your shabby chic/French country type styles!

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