13 July 2014

Disney Family Movie Night: Emperor's New Groove

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So last night's Family Movie Night was The Emperor's New Groove! It almost has a more "Pixar" feel to it than traditional Disney, but I have to say, it's one of Disney's funniest movies! I love it :) It started because corn on the cob season has reached us here in the south, and that is my favorite food group! So at our local Farmer's Market, we picked up some corn on the cob, and built our meal and movie around that!

Peruvian-style Ribs 
Peruvian-style Porkchops
Kronk's Corn on the Cob
Chica's Cucumber Salad
Chaca y Tipo's Arroz y Frijoles (Rice & Beans)
Pacha's Peach Salad
Kuzco's Poison
(the latter most is not pictured... nothing special, it was whatever we were drinking that night!)

Decorate Pacha's Hut & Kuzco's Palace

And here's the photos!

Starting out, here's our craft for the evening... wee princess got a head start ;) I used my Cricut to cut out the castle and cottage images.

Next up, the spread! Complete with "Incan drawings" as DH called it and an alpaca-yarn poncho. I decorated the table with rich silky "royalty" colors, if you will, and added the bright red table runner as that's the color he wears as king. There's also a pile of jewels (bottom right corner- shown better in a later picture) to represent Kuzco's wealth.

Here's our dessert and appetizers: Pacha's Peach Salad (local peaches, cherries, and blackberries, topped with whipped local cream- yum!) and Kronk's (also local!) Corn on the Cob

And we've got the menu, along with homages to the llama and squirrel in the background, and can't forget the jaguar! One of my favorite scenes... "HA!... no touchy..."

Here's Chica's Cucumber Salad. Again, the cucumbers were also local! We had a great haul at the farmer's market that morning! In the background is DH's Peruvian-style Porkchops. Local chops done up with a Peruvian rub.

DH's (yet again local) Peruvian-style Ribs, done with the same rub as the porkchops.

Here's Chaca y Tipo's Arroz y Frijoles (Chaca & Tipo's Rice & Beans)- sorry, forgot to uncover those for the photo, whoops!

Couldn't forget to photograph "Kuzco's Poison!" These were probably my favorite decoration, hehe... oh and here's the pile of jewels.

And here's the "Incan drawings" hehe... anyone recognize this scene?! :)

11 July 2014

Disney Family Movie Night: Brave

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A few weeks ago, we had our second family movie night, featuring Brave! The past two weeks we've been on vacation visiting family up north, so no more recent movie nights, but we hope to get one in this weekend! Just like last time, I used mostly Pinterest (see my board here!) and Disboards.com to find most of my inspiration! This night was a bit more low-key than our last one as it was thrown together a bit last minute! I don't remember how we settled upon this movie, but here's the rundown...

"Bear" Brats
"Highland" Ham (aka. bacon)
"Castle" Cabbage
"Triplet" 'Taters
"King Fergus'" Fruit & Cream 
"Witch's Brew": nothing special, whatever we were drinking that night, hehe
Scottish Sweet Buns

Shield Decorating
The Cast of Brave

And now what you've all been waiting for... a few photos!
Here's the craft for the wee one. She loves anything that has to do with coloring :) I cut out some crude shields from construction paper, slapped on a few rhinestones (which the wee one promptly removed, lol), and let her color away!

 Here's the spread! Again, really simple this time around. Just a plaid throw, some Celtic fabric, and a green felt table runner. I also threw on some Celtic ribbon, a Celtic candle, and a few goblets.

Here's the menu, a close up of some of the decorations, the cast of Brave (playset printed out from Disney Family) and of course I had to pull out one of my Breyer horses from my youth to stand in for Angus! 

On the left is "King Fergus'" Fruit & Cream- peaches from our local farmer's market with fresh whipped cream. Then DH's plate on the right of "Bear" Brats (bratwursts), "Highland" Ham (aka. bacon), and "Castle" Cabbage (just standard cooked cabbage). 

On the left are the "Triplet" 'Taters- just breakfast potatoes topped with parmesan. I'll post the recipe on here soon! It's a staple in our house for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! To the right are the Scottish Sweet Buns as well as the "Witch's Brew" which was nothing special, just whatever we were drinking that night, but in a festive goblet!! :)

Last, but certainly not least, Scottish Sweet Buns: recipe from Disney Family. We used oat flour to make them gluten free, left out the walnuts as we're waiting to introduce nuts to the wee princess, and just used our standard cake frosting recipe for the topping- delish!!! We promptly made another batch the next day, they were THAT good!

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09 June 2014

Disney Family Movie Night: Lilo & Stitch

* Menu Clipart from: clipartbest.com and clker.com *

Hey all!
Back again today to share our first Disney Family Movie Night! Our trip for this year got cancelled due to DH's fluctuating Army schedule (would have been our first DVC trip, my parents just bought earlier this year!). So to keep the Disney magic alive until our next trip (maybe Christmas 2015? TBD really...) I thought Disney movie nights would be perfect! We plan on doing them weekly, except December where we'll switch from Disney to Christmas movies ;)

I'm a planner, so this took a bit of planning for me. I scoured the internet for ideas, using mostly Pinterest (see my board here!) and Disboards.com to find most of my inspiration. Then I printed out a bunch of printables, the ones that I shared with you yesterday {here}, and jotted down the myriad of ideas.

Thankfully DH was totally onboard with the themed movie night idea (so blessed DH now loves Disney as much as I do!) so off we went... At first we were planning to watch Pocahontas, but when DH found Hawaiian pork at the local farmer's market that morning, we switched it to...

***** Lilo & Stitch *****

Hawaiian Pork & Shrimp
Maui Cabbage
Coconut Rice
Tropical Fruit Salad
"Ohana" Bread (just regular gluten-free bread from a local bakery, but had to have a fun name!)
Honey Butter & Pineapple Jam
Hawaiian Dump Cake (just a dump cake with cherries and peaches, should have done cherries and pineapple!)
"Jumba Juice" (yes, I misspelled it on our menu, whoops!)

Lilo & Stitch coloring pages
Big leaves to decorate & color
Make Hawaiian flowers

And without further ado, here's a few photos....
Utensils, menu, and "Ohana" bread. Decorations were just green felt "table runner," lime green tulle, and flowers from a deconstructed lei. The character cutouts were from Disney's Lilo & Stitch Print Center online.

The food buffet! Leaves were made with my Cricut Expression using the Accent Essentials cartridge.

Honey butter & Pineapple Jam! The tikibar cutout was made with my Cricut Expression using the Nifty Fifties cartridge.

Tropical Fruit Salad (kiwi, pineapple, strawberries) and the Hawaiian Pork, Shrimp &  Maui Cabbage (that's all DH- I'm vegetarian!)

Coconut Rice and "Jumba Juice" (guava juice and POM coconut &  pineapple blends)

Hawaiian Dump Cake (aptly named because you literally dump in two cans of fruit, a boxed cake mix, and a stick and a half of sliced butter, in the oven for 1 hr at 350 and it's ridiculously delicious! I'm not usually one to use boxed mixes, but GF cake is something I just haven't mastered yet and Betty Crocker has! hehe)

Our arts & crafts table- decorated with some scrapbooking paper & more lei flowers. There were coloring pages (also from Disney's Lilo & Stitch Print Center online), cut out some more leaves for DD to decorate with stickers, and since the wee one is too small to make the flowers herself, I assembled them for her (cut out flowers, poke 2 holes in the center, thread a pipe cleaner up through one hole and the button then back down through the other hole and twist the pipe cleaner together, done!)

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08 June 2014

Family Movie Night (printables)

Hey all!
Long time no talk, I know I know... It's been 6 months since we moved into our current place after our latest move with the Army, but I'm still trying to make this place a home. Army life is always in flux, and until we know for sure how long we'll be in this house (a few more months? a few years?) we've been holding off on stuff like painting, or unpacking certain items, etc. That combined with DH's ridiculous work schedule, well, things just haven't gotten done. This week's projects include unpacking and organizing the garage and putting up curtains. Maybe I'll throw in hanging up some art work while we're at it, who knows!? hehe... with any luck I'll start being on here more with you all and share some of the stuff I actually have gotten done around here! Anyhoo, on to the real topic of today...

Family Movie Nights!!!

This weekend we began a new tradition of doing family movie nights, like themed movie nights- decorations, food, movie, the works! We're doing Disney movies for the most part (except December, which will be Christmas movies, of course). The impetus behind our new tradition began with our Disney trip for this year getting bumped due to fluctuation Army schedules. Such is the life though... but to hold on to the magic until our next trip (hoping for Christmas 2015, gosh that's a long ways away!) we decided to do themed nights. Thankfully DH loved this idea (love that he has turned into as big of a Disney fan as I am!) and so off we went! He handled most of the food, and I handled decor and the like. Got to bust out my Cricut for the second time ever, which was exciting :) Still learning how to master that- so many features!

Anyhoo, I'll be sharing all the fun details and photos about our first Disney movie night in my next post. Today I wanted to share my printables I created to capture ideas for future movie nights! I thought perhaps if you already have this tradition, or want to start it too, that these might come in handy :) If you want different colors, feel free to drop me a line and I'd be happy to customize them for you too!

You can see I also created a master Index sheet for my movie night printables. I have ideas jotted down for well over 80 movies with a few blank sheets for more movies to come. I went through and numbered all of my movie sheets and then created an alphabetical list in the front so I can easily flip to a movie title!

I'll be back again soon to share our first movie night with you... Lilo & Stitch!

26 May 2014

Memorial Day

All gave some... some gave all. 

(Source: USAA)

Remembering those who have laid down their lives defending our great nation, and praying for the families who are left behind. A humble 'Thank You' will never suffice.

"Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends."
~ John 15:12-14

07 May 2014

Baked Asparagus with smoked cheddar

So I realize this post is a bit (ok SUPER) late in coming! I shared it over on the Comestibilis blog where I contribute recipes, but never posted here- whoops! Anyhoo, on to today's recipe post...

I have never been a fan of asparagus, until I read about baking it!

1 lb. asparagus
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt & Pepper to taste
block of your favorite cheese- smoked cheddar or parmesan work great!

(1) Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
(2) Cut the woody lower ends off asparagus and use a vegetable peeler to gently remove the skin from the stalks. The stalks are surprisingly delicate, so it takes a light touch to peel asparagus! I recommend peeling over a cutting board so you can easily salvage any pieces that snap while you're peeling (unlike I usually do and peel over the sink, thus loosing many a pieces to the depths of the garbage disposal... I digress).
(3) Cover a baking sheet lightly with olive oil. Using a silpat works well for this recipe too.
(4) Spread asparagus on baking sheet and cover with more olive oil, salt, and pepper.
(5) Grate cheese liberally over asparagus.
(6) Cook for 8-10 minutes and serve!

Happy Wednesday!
- Shauna

21 March 2014

Irish Inspiration: St. Patty's Day Mantel DIY Tips

Hi all!
Thanks so much for joining me this week for some Irish inspiration! Hopefully it's given you some ideas for next year's food, decor, and fun! Today I'm wrapping up our journey with my mantle this year. Here's a quick look back at all of our Irish Inspired fun this week...

Fri: St. Patty's Day Mantel DIY Tips (that's today!)

Again, please ignore our terra cotta walls... we've yet to paint our rental home! This month's mantle is a bit small as I threw it together quickly, but hopefully these tips will help you think a little outside the box when creating your next mantle!

 (1) Re-use
Some of you might vaguely remember these fabric-covered trees. That would be because I first used them a few years ago, in my 2012 Mantel. I shared how to make them in that post too! If you want to change things up each year, you could easily just switch out the fabric on something like this. Try and look at the items you have used before and consider using them again or using them in a new way! These trees are also a great way to use up some fabric scraps!

(2) Cards
This may sound silly, but if you've gotten cards from family or friends, well, use them! They're like mini works of art, so why not include them in your mantel! Use all of them or just your favorites. Another way to use cards- go shopping in your local card store/aisle and pick out a few of your favorites. You can throw them in a dollar store frame and you've got instant mantle-worthy art, or you can add some St. Patty's Day cheer to another room and mount them on the wall!

(3) Fillers
Do you have red and green vase fillers for Christmas? Well, if you know where they are, dig out the green ones, throw them in a vase or cup, and there ya go! Easy peasy! If you have any green candles, perhaps of the evergreen variety also leftover from Christmas, dig those out too and add them to your mantel! Even if you're not in the mood for some pine scents, you don't have to light them- just use them for their green color.

(4) Plants
It doesn't get much easier than this- if you have any houseplants that fit on the mantel (or maybe are already on your mantel!) then they'll fit right in! They're already the right color scheme, and they'll add a great organic touch to your mantel vignette.

(5) Use what you've got
Pull out those extra green votive holders and put them up on your mantel. They don't even need to be filled with anything, or just pop a spring-scented candle in there (just make sure they're not too close to anything flammable!). Again, decor from Christmas might be perfect to use again. Also, if you don't have the perfect vase or nice holder, take a look in your kitchen cabinets and see what you DO have- no one said vase fillers HAVE to be used in a vase! I dug out this gravy boat because it was the perfect size to hold all of my fabric-covered balls that I wanted to use. A green and/or yellow or  white/green/orange bowls would be great to add to your mantel!

I hope I've given you some good ideas to work with the next time you're designing your St. Patty's Day mantel or any of your next mantel vignettes! So many of these ideas are good starting points for any great mantel display. Have a fabulous weekend, friends!
God bless,

20 March 2014

Irish Inspired: Crafts for (or with!) Wee Ones

Hey all!
Today I finally got my post up a bit earlier in the day than usual- whoohoo! Before we get started today, have you checked out the other fun Irish Inspired posts this week?

As I mentioned during yesterday's Toddler Gift Basket post, today I'll be sharing two super simple Irish Inspired crafts that you can do FOR or WITH your wee one! Don't feel limited to the "ingredient" list that I suggest either- feel free to add other embellishments, let your imagination go wild!

Tomorrow I'll wrap up our Irish-Inspired week with sharing my St. Patrick's Day mantel! See ya then :)
God bless,

Irish Inspiration: Toddler St. Patty's Day Gifts

Hey all!
So since St. Patrick's Day is such a big deal in our home what with my Irish heritage and all, we do St. Patty's Day baskets, much the same as the whole Easter basket tradition. I thought I'd share our toddler-appropriate gift items, which would really work well for Easter baskets, birthday gifts, or Christmas stockings too! And don't forget to check out the other fun Irish Inspired posts from this week...

Wed: Toddler St. Patty's Day Gifts (that's today!)

Alrighty... and now onto the gift ideas for the wee cuties in your life ;)

(1) Books
We're a big fan of Tomie dePaola around here. He has fun illustrations and a great way of telling stories. Two of my favorite St. Patty's day books are Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato as well as Fin M'Coul, the Giant of Knockmany Hill (which she got last year, but would be much more appropriate for toddler age).  There are a great many Irish books out there- do you have any favorites?

(2) Food
OK, so I don't usually condone sweets per say, but this little one takes after her father and is a chocolate fiend already! We try to limit it to just a few small pieces. I hid a few chocolate mints in some green camo Easter eggs as well as some green-foil-wrapped Hershey kisses in a small container wrapped with a yellow tulle bow! Some other non-sugar ideas (which she'll actually be getting in her Easter basket!) would be Happy Baby Apple Kale Super Toddler Bars or Happy Baby Green Puffs (also available in green apple flavor).

(3) Stuffed Animals
Our little one loves her stuffed animals- her collection is already rivaling mine when I was little! Some of her current green stuffed animals were actually passed down from me, like Shamrock the Saint Patricks Bear by Ty. The one pictured is Skully, the parrot from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, one of her favorite shows to watch on Netflix!

(4) Shiny Things
If your little one is anything like mine, anything that flashes or blinks and/or has buttons is golden! The one bracelet we picked up at our local zoo, and the other one has LEDs in it, so it flashes when you hit the button on the side. She loves it! I picked up a whole pack of a few colors- we'll be bringing the extras to Disney World in the fall, so she has something to play with during the evening parades :)

(5) Clothing
Let's be honest- the little ones grow like weeds and are always in need of some new threads! Now is a great time to check out the clearance sections at your favorite stores for next year's St. Patty's goodies! Check your local consignment stores too! The leg warmers shown here I made from women's knee socks last year. The Minnie tee is from Old Navy. The flip flops are for her dress up kit- they were actually a gift for me (she loves wearing my shoes! What wee one doesn't, really? hehe) but I don't enjoy the plastic flip flops so off they went into her stash!

(6) Motor Skills
I didn't actually buy anything new to make this piece of her basket. I rounded up some green pom poms, pipe cleaners, and straws and stuck them in an empty sugar canister. She loves dumping everything out and then putting everything back in- bonus points for getting her to work on her motor skills with this "toy."

(7) Arts & Crafts
I ordered some Crayola construction paper, cut up some white, orange, and green pieces, stapled them together- instant Irish flag coloring booklet! She got some fresh Crayola Pip-Squeak Markers (perfect for little hands) and Crayola Triangular Crayons, but only the green, orange, and white shades for today!

(8) Stickers
This little one just adores anything remotely related to a sticker. She got two variations in her basket this year- first, some adhesive foam shamrocks which came in three shades of green as well as some simple removable office color coding labels in green. Be sure to stick with kids stickers or ones that are marked "removable" or you might be scraping stickers off everything for weeks!

(9) AND (10) DIY Crafts
Check back in tomorrow where I'll show you how to make these super simple Irish-inspired crafts either FOR your little ones or WITH your little ones!

Hope to see ya'll tomorrow, friends :)
God bless,

**Disclosure NOTE:  This article contains affiliate links. 

18 March 2014

Irish Inspiration: Kid-Friendly DIY Wreath

Hey all!
Today I'm back with a kid-friendly craft: an Irish wreath! The whole family can have fun putting this one together :) Please excuse our wall color... we haven't gotten a chance to paint our rental home yet and remove all that terracotta from the wall! Hehe... ok, on to the craft... right after we check out the other fun Irish Inspired posts from the week!

Tues: Kid-Friendly DIY Wreath (that's today!)

I started out with the same wreath base that I've been using for the past two years, you can check out how to make it {here}. In the last move, my envelope filled with all the accessories went MIA, so I had to improvise in a hurry this year. The resulting wreath is simple enough for the whole family to participate in making! I'll walk you through how to make each element of the wreath below...

To finish off your wreath, place shamrock stickers around your wreath wherever you'd like! My stickers are actually foam stickers- the little one got a few sheets of these in her St. Paddy's Day gift basket!!

Be sure to supervise the little ones since this craft does include straight pins and scissors! Hope your family enjoys making their own wreath next year for St. Patrick's Day!
God bless,