29 January 2010

frugal servant

About the title of this blog:

I am a Christian, and, as such, a servant of our Lord God, Jesus Christ. As Christians, we are not called to be in debt, and thus comes the frugal part.

The Bible states that we are slaves to those who lend to us {Proverbs 22:7} and also that it is a blessing to not have to borrow {Deuteronomy 28:12}. Here are a few links on debt and frugality from a Christian perspective:

*please note: the views expressed on the above links are those of the writer and may or may not completely align with the views of our family*

Our family is a family of sinners, as are all of us here on earth. My husband and I weren't frugal in college, and thus we've started our married life together with some lingering debt {not to mention college loans}, but we have a plan to repay our debt, living frugally while still having fun, and awaiting the day when we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing we no longer have the burden of debt! :) And not to say that we won't still be living frugally, I have no doubts that I will always be a "penny pincher" but once we are out of debt, we'll be living frugally so that every extra cent can be used to further His Kingdom and give to those in need.

Whew, that was a lot of debt and frugalness in one paragraph... let's end with a lighter note... cookies!

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