01 February 2010

show me your lists

so Tip Junkie posted the other day "Show Me Your To Do Lists" and I'm totally one of those "list" people, I work well being able to check things off throughout the day- gives me a sense of accomplishment seeing all the checks and reminds me in case I've forgotten something, as I frequently do! So, anywho, I decided to show you two of my master lists! :) Feel free to email me if you'd like a blank copy of either for yourself! And head on over to Tip Junkie to see more great list ideas!!

PS. If anyone knows of coupon clipping sites that do NOT require you do install their third-party printer junk, PLEASE let me know ;)

NOTE:: we live in an apartment, so the cleaning is much less than if we had a whole house, hehe. this is a list that will grow as our home and family size does ;) umm, and we're also a bit OCD about some cleanliness, so some chores may be done more often than normal :P

.: Monthly List :.
Here's my monthly list- it keeps track of the bills I have to pay monthly and also any chores that I do on a monthly basis. This is an altered copy of my original, made suitable for online posting :)
.:. the first of the month is a full cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom
.:. the big box below the calendar keeps track of our credit cards- how much we owe, how much we paid off this month, etc.
.:. the bills in red on the calendar are the ones that are constant each month, say are paid on the 15th every month
.:. bills with a ".A" after the amount are those that are set up for automatic withdrawl each month
.:. the "other bills" box is for the monthly bills that have a different due date each month, so at the beginning of the month, or as soon as I get my online statement for the month, I fill in the date on the calendar that those bills are due

.:. click on photo to enlarge .:.

.: Weekly List :.
Here is my weekly list- keeping track of chores and other such "to do" items for each day of the week. I print out this weekly list and have it on my fridge. There's more on these lists, but this is an altered copy made suitable for posting online :)
.:. the top of each list is pretty constant, stuff to do each day- work on my thesis, work out, Quiet Time reading the Bible, etc.
.:. the chore section is for cleaning and tidying stuff mostly
.:. the bottom section is blank, writing things in by hand that I need to remember that are unique for the week- get togethers, meetings, etc.

.:. click on photo to enlarge .:.

as I've worked more with these lists, I've altered the monthly one a bit- I'll post my newer version soon! :)
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