16 September 2012

Coming Oct 1st: 31 Days of Disney!

Hey ya'll!!
I'm not back just yet- still sifting through the sea of boxes, running to the storage unit, and the like. The up side to moving into a very small apartment is that I have tons of great storage and organizing ideas to share soon (along with posts about baby stuff)!

Just wanted to let you know that I'll be back blogging through the month of October! I'm joining The Nester's annual 31 Days challenge... my topic, you ask?

So stay tuned, and I can't wait to share with you how I plan for our Disney trips!! Hopefully I can pass on a useful tip or two ;) I'll be including...

  • general info about each Disney World park
  • tips for booking your trip
  • my budget worksheet for use before and during the trip
  • meal planning on vacation
  • and Disney "insider" info!

1 comment:

Katie Clark said...

When I first saw your title, I was SO jealous . . . I said "What?! How do they get to go to Disney for 31 days?!" haha :) Miss you! :) I was just thinking the other day when Mr. E might be ready to take a trip to Disney, so I'll be watching your blog very closely :)