18 March 2013

Disney Food- Rose & Crown Pub and Dining Room

So we interrupt this week's special of St. Patty's Day food to bring you a brief run down of one of my favorite dining places at Disney World- the Rose & Crown Pub and Dining Room in Epcot's world showcase! Here's a quick overview of what we had on this past trip..

 I made a meal of side dishes- green beans, cauliflower and cheese gratin, and mashed potatoes. I truly cannot tell you which was my favorite dish- they were all fabulous!! And let's not forget my decaf British Breakfast tea in the corner ;) The Twinings Tea Cottage is just across the street from the Rose & Crown- unfortunately they don't have much black decaf tea for sale there, but they have lots of herbal and fruit teas for me to peruse :)

DH got the Cottage Pie (essentially a Shepard's Pie, for those Irish ladies reading!). He's always enjoyed this dish! The last two years the chef made me a vegetarian/gluten-free version- delish!

For dessert, I had the Queen's Cake (hubby had my eggnog shooter though!). Unfortunately, I've had better flourless cakes at other Disney dining establishments, but it will certainly satisfy your chocolate sweet tooth in a pinch! 

DH had the Jaffa Tarts for dessert- orange-cream filled cakes with chocolate ganache. He found them quite tasty! (AJ over at The Disney Food Blog was asking about these today. She has an awesome in-depth article about the Rose & Crown- head on over and check it out!!)

The really neat thing about Rose & Crown is that you can get a great seat for the evening fireworks show, Illuminations (my favorite Disney evening show!). If you get the coveted outdoor patio dining location, you're set! If you're inside, or in a less perfect outdoor seat, we've had the waiters hold our food for us so we could scoot outside and stand on the patio to view the show! So fabulous!!

I'll come back and edit this post later to add on some more dishes we've had in past years ;)

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