08 June 2014

Family Movie Night (printables)

Hey all!
Long time no talk, I know I know... It's been 6 months since we moved into our current place after our latest move with the Army, but I'm still trying to make this place a home. Army life is always in flux, and until we know for sure how long we'll be in this house (a few more months? a few years?) we've been holding off on stuff like painting, or unpacking certain items, etc. That combined with DH's ridiculous work schedule, well, things just haven't gotten done. This week's projects include unpacking and organizing the garage and putting up curtains. Maybe I'll throw in hanging up some art work while we're at it, who knows!? hehe... with any luck I'll start being on here more with you all and share some of the stuff I actually have gotten done around here! Anyhoo, on to the real topic of today...

Family Movie Nights!!!

This weekend we began a new tradition of doing family movie nights, like themed movie nights- decorations, food, movie, the works! We're doing Disney movies for the most part (except December, which will be Christmas movies, of course). The impetus behind our new tradition began with our Disney trip for this year getting bumped due to fluctuation Army schedules. Such is the life though... but to hold on to the magic until our next trip (hoping for Christmas 2015, gosh that's a long ways away!) we decided to do themed nights. Thankfully DH loved this idea (love that he has turned into as big of a Disney fan as I am!) and so off we went! He handled most of the food, and I handled decor and the like. Got to bust out my Cricut for the second time ever, which was exciting :) Still learning how to master that- so many features!

Anyhoo, I'll be sharing all the fun details and photos about our first Disney movie night in my next post. Today I wanted to share my printables I created to capture ideas for future movie nights! I thought perhaps if you already have this tradition, or want to start it too, that these might come in handy :) If you want different colors, feel free to drop me a line and I'd be happy to customize them for you too!

You can see I also created a master Index sheet for my movie night printables. I have ideas jotted down for well over 80 movies with a few blank sheets for more movies to come. I went through and numbered all of my movie sheets and then created an alphabetical list in the front so I can easily flip to a movie title!

I'll be back again soon to share our first movie night with you... Lilo & Stitch!

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