10 January 2011

metamorphasis tea

.: BEFORE :.
So, imagine, if you will, three kitchen cabinet shelves full of boxes and tins of tea, stacked and crammed in whatever way they can fit, haphazardly shoved in wherever there's room.... well, that was my cabinet. I didn't get to take a photo, unfortunately, but trust me, it was ugly!

.: AFTER :.
What you now see before you (well, below, really) is our newly revamped kitchen cabinet! We have a TON of tea. Both DH and I love us some tea, pretty much every kind of tea too, so between us, we have a boatload of tea. So, let me take you on a tour....

Yup, that's our cabinet! I'm a bit proud, I'll be honest :) And it's been that way for over a month now, so I'm quite pleased that it's withstood the test of time. I think that's the real organizational test... if you can actually maintain the organization, then that's a pretty good bet that it's a GOOD organization method :)

Anyhoo... I started by emptying out the cabinet. It covered about half of our counter, and we have a fair amount of counter space! I'd been saving the clear plastic containers that we get our bulk foods in, and they came in quite handy when redoing this space. Our very top shelf (only pictured above) has our surplus boxes of tea {usually I'll grab one of those boxes when we travel and toss it in my bag} and our hot chocolate tins. Then the middle shelf....
We have four plastic containers that fit perfectly around the lil white wire shelf. The top two containers hold my green and black teabags. The bottom two containers hold my white and red tea bags. Then there's two tea tins {please note the "Official Unbirthday Tea"- it's an Alice in Wonderland themed tin from Disney, hehe, it's a green tea, love it!}. You can see in the first photo that there's also some more tins and boxes off to the right. They're less frequently used and stacked nicely, so I decided to leave them be.... then we move to the bottom shelf....

I've had these lil containers floating around doing various jobs throughout the years. They're per-fect for holding tea bags! Just the right size- love it! The left two containers are all DH's teas. The right container has "our teas" {ones that we both like}- Numi's puerh teas and Tazo's Passion tea, an herbal fruity tea.

My favorite tea? Well it's actually in a tin on the counter. It's Wegman's loose leaf decaf British Breakfast. I usually have a least one {if not a few cups} a day, so it gets a special place of prominence outside of the cabinet.... ok, so it's not really a "special" place, it's wedged in between the sugar canisters and the utensil holder, but point being, it's out all the time since I use it so much ;) Anyhoo, I hope you enjoyed our journey along my tea cabinet. Thanks for reading, hehe!

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Robin said...

Shauna this is so inviting! I think you may be able to convert me to a hot tea drinker!
You're good at organizing and making it pretty!
All Things Heart and Home

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

YUM! My tea and coffee cabinet is always a big mess! I really love the way you have organized, and those long skinny trays I have a couple of to hold pens and pencils in another drawer. I will have to do this, as it beats the stacked cardboard boxes!
My favorite tea is Bigelow's Vanilla Chai! LOVE it!

Thanks for the tea organizational inspiration! :)

Safe and Healthy Solutions said...

Wow! That is a lot of tea!! The cabinet looks great! I have also been on an organizing kick this month and would love for you to link up your post on my blog, A Home Made by Kiki. I'm a new follower of you blog too!


Amy said...

Ok i TOTALLY had to comment on this because I did not know you where as much of a TEA lover as I am!!!! I love TEA! Every kind except white leaf LMBO. It's just not my "cup of tea" :oP!!!! Love how your cabinet looks, you have way more tea than I do so I am jealous at this point lol, but my collection IS growing!!

A Home Made by Kiki said...

Thanks for linking this up at A Home Made by Kiki!