30 January 2011

weekly chore tracker

So my craft room is still under construction, so I haven't been able to share more photos with you, but they'll be coming soon!!

Meanwhile, I figure I'd share some of my lists with you :) Above is my weekly chore tracker... well, one of them... I have a tiered system, which I'll explain, and then share examples of over the next few days!

So I split up each of my days- the top are things that I do everyday, the bottom are chores that vary daily. Where it says "cleaning," I have a separate list that I refer to that has my cleaning chores for each day, since there are a few of them. I'll share that list with you tomorrow! The rest of the items are- working on my thesis, business related things {making cards, working on orders, etc} and OSC, a volunteer organization for which I'm the treasurer.

Most of the varying chores are self-explanatory... Monday I switch out washcloths and pillowcases, Thursday I switch out bed linens, kitchen hand towels, washcloths, and bath towels. This is my first round of setting up a cleaning schedule, so it could very well change in the future if I find that some chores need to be done more frequently or work better on a different day.

Below I've included a blank printable version of my chore chart and also one of my previous chore charts, which might work better for some people. It worked well for me when we had a smaller apartment which didn't require as much cleaning, and also while DH was deployed and I didn't have as much going on at the time. Please let me know if you'd like a personalized version- I'd love to create one for you!!

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