18 January 2012

just checking in

Hey ya'll!

I'm still here!! DH was home for the holidays, but now he's back at his mini-deployment- boo! I've been keeping busy around here, and I'll be bringing you some fun projects soon! Here's just a few of the upcoming things I'll be sharing with ya...
- Household 6 Notebook (aka. my home management binder!), including tons of printables!
- menu planning calendar, created from an old cookie sheet!
- nursery decor
- home organizing solutions
- my family command center
- and more!

So thanks for sticking with me, and I'll be back in full swing on here soon!


RHome410 said...

Nursery decor?!!! :-)

Looking forward to seeing all your projects. Take care while your hubby is away.

Anonymous said...

Always love reading about your creative projects. Hope you'll post lots of photos!

RHome410 said...

I mentioned and linked you on my blog today (Sat, 2/4). The Liebster Award is yours for the taking. :-)

RHome410 said...

You've been away awhile...All OK?