06 November 2012

Tips on Tuesday:: First edition!

So maybe this will become a weekly topic, some tips or articles that I've enjoyed :) We'll start simple this week, with three things that I've done myself! Perhaps next week I'll do a Disney-themed Tip Tuesday! Anyhoo, I'll keep it short and sweet today, since Baby E is napping and so my time is limited hehe. So without further ado, first up for today...

#1- VOTE!! VOTE!! VOTE!!
Many have fought and died throughout our nation's history in order to defend our freedoms, including our freedom to vote. Proud to say I've already voted via absentee ballot. So today I'll be praying for our country and the outcome of the election. May God bless our great nation. (Image source)

#2- How to Budget for Christmas and Avoid Going into Debt
Here's a wonderful article that includes 10 easy steps to reign in and keep track of spending during the holidays (and all year round really!!). I already do much of this myself, so I found it very worthwhile to share with you. Nothing fancy, very straightforward steps to help you have a financially stress free Christmas this year! 

#3- How to Remove Wax and Reuse a Candle Jar
I tried this this past week, and it worked like a charm!! I think it's even the same candle brand... either way. I used vinegar to remove the candle wax- worked great! I also soaked the sticker on the bottom with some vinegar prior to removing, and it came off without any sticky residue being left behind! Fabulous :) Our Q-tips are now being housed in this jar hehe.

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Sage Grayson said...

So true about voting. And I really need help with my Christmas budget--it gets out of hand every year! Thanks for sharing the links. Disney tips would be great too.