31 October 2012

31 Days:: Disney Resources

{Insider Info Series}
Welcome to today's topic: Disney Resources! Some things I've learned over the years have been through reading the below book and websites. So I must give credit where credit is due! Feel free to check out these resources for even more fabulous Disney information!

Thank-you SO so much for joining me on this journey on planning your Disney trip! I hope you've found some useful tips along the way, and feel free to leave a comment or email me if you have any questions!!

Birnbaums "The Official" Guide
Every year we go to Disney, I buy this guide! Yes, many years it has the same info, but it is hands down the best resource for planning your Disney trip! And there's coupons in the back of the book :) You can buy it {here on Amazon}. The 2013 edition was recently released- that's the one I bought!

Of course there's the Disney official website! Always useful!

A great online resource for planning your Disney trip. Lots of reviews, photos, and insight from Disney travelers. There's info about Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruises and lots more! I constantly use this website- it also has menus posted for pretty much every restaurant around the World, including menus that you can't find on the Disney official website.

Mouse Planet
Another website with great reviews and tips. Lots of trip reviews where you can read about other people's vacations, gain some additional insight.

WDW Info
Yet another website with great info and insight!

Mouse Savers
All Disney discounts, promotions, and discount codes in one place! Check to see if there's any savings to be found during your visit.

Touring Plans
If you're a first-timer, this could be a very useful website. I only just found it myself. It has tips about wait times, crowd levels, and best order to visit rides. Some areas of the site are only available to subscribers, but at ~$11, even a WDW veteran like myself is contemplating subscribing... They also have a smart phone app, called Lines, that you can look into getting!

Easy WDW
**updated to add this
I can't believe I forgot this site!! It's similar to the above Touring Plans site, but is free and has in-depth explanations of which parks to go to each day (for the whole year!) and often why to go there and avoid the other parks. I'd say it's a definite go-to site for me from now on! I found it HIGHLY useful when planning our most recent trip, which was during a peak season when I'd never gone at that time.

WDW Mobile Phone App
Check out the above link on the Disney Parks blog to learn all about it. It's a one-stop place to get your wait times, park maps, dining info, etc! I have it and look forward to using it on Verizon's upgraded in-park network!

Note: I earn advertising fees on qualifying purchases from the Amazon Affiliate links to the Birnbaums book.   I have not been compensated in any other way to endorse these resources. They're just tools that I find myself using again and again, so I thought I'd pass them on! :) 

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Lisa said...

I'm sorry to not have commented earlier but I've loved your 31 Days series. We're going to Disneyland in June with my twin 8 year olds and a 3 1/2 year old (first time for all 3) so your tools and tips have really helped me. I especially appreciated the budgeting tools and have created my own spreadsheet to help us save up for the big event! You put a lot of work into this series and I just wanted to say "Thank you!" because I really appreciate you offering it up to everyone.