20 October 2012

31 Days:: Dining at the Magic Kingdom

{Dining Series}
Welcome to today's topic: Dining at the Magic Kingdom! Our family's two favorite restaurants are in the Magic Kingdom- The Crystal Palace and Liberty Tree Tavern. Yum yum yum! So with that said, let's start with where we like to eat for breakfast...

full plate at Liberty Tree Tavern

Breakfast at Magic
The Crystal Palace! This is a flat rate, all you can eat buffet, complete with characters- Winnie the Pooh and crew :) They come around to each table and you can take photos and interact with them, and I believe there was even a "conga line" with them last time we visited!

Lunch at Magic
We usually hit up a quick serve place for a light lunch. We liked Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe- just your standard burgers, wraps, and salads- but they have a top notch fixin's bar.

Dinner at Magic
Liberty Tree Tavern! Oh. My. Word. Delish! It's a flat fee, all you can eat "Thanksgiving-ish" dinner. It's served family style at your table, so you can help yourself to however much you'd like of each dish. You start off with rolls and amazing honey butter, followed by a salad with the most amazing berry vinaigrette. During one visit, I actually had a whole meal of just the salad and gluten-free rolls with honey butter! The main meal is turkey, beef, pork, veggies, mac n cheese- yum! The traditional dessert is a craisin/apple pie a'la mode.

Snacks and Dessert at Magic
Ah! There's two great places here that come to mind! Main Street Bakery has a whole buffet line of treats to choose from, including the piled-high-with-icing cupcakes that you'll find all over WDW. Also there's Plaza Ice Cream Parlor which has fabulous ice cream. You'll find both of these places nestled in along Main Street. And if you want to experience a signature Disney treat, hit up Aloha Isle in Adventureland for some Dole Whips!

So those are my top picks for eating at the Magic Kingdom! Tomorrow I'll be back to talk about food at Epcot- one of the best places for dining!

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