27 October 2012

31 Days:: Quiet Places and Babies

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Welcome to today's topic: Quiet Places and Babies! Full days at the parks can be quite exhausting, but if you know some of the quiet places around WDW where you can take a breather, it can make the days a bit more manageable! I've also included a little printable of the "quiet places" so you can stash it in your bag and bring to the parks!

Morocco's mosaic tiled fountain courtyard in the World Showcase

Quiet Places
These are great places to keep in mind for all stages of your life...
  • if you and your loved one want to escape the crowds and have some one on one time
  • if you're pregnant and need to take a load off the swollen feet for a while
  • if you need a private place to cover up and nurse (and you're far away from the BCC)
  • if your little ones need to stop, get out of the stroller and unwind a bit
We have sought out the "quiet places" for the first two reasons, and will be using them for the latter two reasons on this coming trip!! Below is a list of those lovely escapes within the parks, and the link below will take you to a free printable version for your convenience!

Baby Care Centers
In every park, there is a Baby Care Center. It's a place where you can grab a private nursing room while you let the other young kids play, buy extra diapers or formula, change a diaper in comfort, and just generally take care of baby in air conditioning! It's a great resource for mamas, and you can find out the locations in each park {here on the Disney website}. You could ask any cast member too, if you need help finding them.  Downtown Disney and the water parks do not have Baby Care Centers, unfortunately. You can find the BCCs noted on park maps as well (look for the pacifier icon)! Here are some perks of the BCCs...
  • air conditioning!!
  • tv for younger family members to watch in the playroom
  • nursing mother's room
  • private bathrooms
  • changing station (of course)
  • stocked kitchen to warm food and bottles
  • free utensils
  • complimentary feeding areas with high charis
  • water cooler
  • items for sale, such as: diapers, baby food, infant/children's medications, pacifiers, clothes, etc.
  • some have Cast Members that also staff the facility!
{Click here} to read a review of the BCCs on AllEars and see pictures!

Rider Swap
This is a fabulous program that Disney has set up!! It allows parents or families with kids too young to ride a particular ride to "swap" riders. For example, you and your hubby wait in line for Rockin Roller Coaster, but of course baby can't ride. They'll let you ride the ride, then once you're done, they'll let hubby ride. So you wait in line once, but both get to ride whilst the other holds baby. Each ride has it set up a little differently. Ask the cast member at the entrance to each individual ride for more information about swapping on that ride, Also {here is the official Disney page} about Rider Swap.

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