22 October 2012

31 Days:: Dining at Hollywood Studios

{Dining Series}
Welcome to today's topic: Dining at the Hollywood Studios! There are fewer restaurant options here, but they're some really good ones! So let's start with where we like to eat for breakfast...

gluten-free pizzas at Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano

Breakfast at Hollywood Studios
We like to keep it lighter for breakfast, so we head to our favorite little bakery, Starring Rolls Cafe, at the corner of Hollywood and Sunset Blvd. It has coffee, pastries, fruit, sandwiches, pastries, muffins, pastries.. you get the gist ;) Perfect place to grab a quick bit before heading off to see the shows and rides!

Lunch/Dinner at Hollywood Studios
There's a few fabulous places that we like to grab either lunch or dinner at here!

  • The Hollywood Brown Derby- an old favorite of ours located on Hollywood Blvd near the big sorcerer's hat. If you've ever been to the original in California, this is nearly an exact replica! Very neat place, and often a line, so make reservations in advance. The food is super top-notch from appetizers to main course to dessert. The desserts can be quite elaborate, and their grapefruit cake is legendary! I'll admit, unfortunately we had a lackluster chef the last time, so my vegetarian gluten-free meal was a little bland, so we're shelving this restaurant to revisit later. In the past though, my vegetarian meals (pre-gluten-free days) were spectacular! 
  • Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano- located on the far side of the Streets of America, fantastic Italian fare, some of the best gluten-free pizza I've ever had, this is our new go-to eatery at the park!

signature grapefruit cake at the Hollywood Brown Derby

Snacking at Hollywood Studios
If you're walking down Sunset Blvd, down towards Tower of Terror, the whole left-hand side of the street is like a street market, with tons of little quick service eateries and tons of tables- with foods ranging from fruit and turkey legs to veggie burgers and margaritas. Back near the Studio Backlot Tour at the end of Streets of America, there's Studio Catering which is a fine quick service eatery with your standard salads, wraps, and sandwiches and an abundance of tables. Min and Bill's Dockside Diner located on Echo Lake is a great place to get a milkshake!

That's all that I can think of for today, so come on back tomorrow when we'll be dining at the Animal Kingdom! :)

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