09 October 2012

31 Days:: Disney Recreation

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Welcome to today's topic: Disney Recreation! Each Disney resort of course has various recreation options- running trails, pools, game rooms. Today I'll be talking about the other recreation options that are available around the World.

Source: Disneyworld.com

Disney's Golf Courses- Disney is host to 5 top-notch golf courses that you can partake in. I can't really give you much more info myself, as I'm not a golfer, but you can check out Disney's website {here} to learn all about them, fees, and more.

Mini Golf- For our younger golf enthusiasts, Disney has two mini golf courses! They're on our to-do list one of these trips :) Fantasia Gardens is themed to the classic Disney movie, Fantasia. They also have a miniature 18-hole real golf course to try out, Fantasia Fairways! The other mini golf course is Winter Summerland. It has two sets of holes, one themed to Santa's winter wonderland, and the other themed to Santa's beach getaway! You can learn more about them {here on Disney's website}.

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex- if you're into sports, this is your place! Find out more {here} on the Disney website. Catch the Atlanta Braves during spring training, basketball's Old Spice Classic, national cheer and dance competitions, and more. There's also a grill onsite if you'd like to dine while you're there.

Horses- This one is near and dear to my heart :) A few of the resorts offer carriage rides (Port Orleans Riverside is one of them!) Also, located at Fort Wilderness, you can visit the Tri-Circle D Ranch, home to many of Disney's horses, including Cinderella's ponies! Take a tour of the stable, a 45-minute horseback ride, a carriage ride, or, during the holidays, a 25-minute sleigh ride! Check out more {here} on Disney's website! During one of our visits, DH and I went on a trail ride and it was great :) We caught a boat there from just outside the entrance to Magic Kingdom. There are various boats that go around the lagoon- they each fly a different color flag to designate what resorts they service. Ask a cast member which color takes you to Fort Wilderness' Tri-Circle D Ranch.

Watercraft Rentals- A variety of locations around WDW offer rentals of watercraft! From canoes to kayaks to pontoon boats and more! Check out {Disney's webpage here} to find out what rentals are available and where you can get them!

Downtown Disney
There are a variety of recreation options available at Downtown Disney- from hot air balloon rides and 5-stories of video games to Cirque du Soliel acrobatics to 24-screen movie theatres and 2-story bowling allies! Check out my {previous post about DD} to read more about the recreation/entertainment options available there :)

These are just are few of the great recreation options available around the World! Ask a cast member if you're interested in a particular form of recreation, and they will be able to help you find out if WDW offers it! Or check out {Disney's website here} to learn more about other recreation options available throughout the World.

Check back in tomorrow to get a free printable that I use to budget for Disney and start planning your budget along with me!

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