11 July 2014

Disney Family Movie Night: Brave

*clipart from abackgrounds.com*

A few weeks ago, we had our second family movie night, featuring Brave! The past two weeks we've been on vacation visiting family up north, so no more recent movie nights, but we hope to get one in this weekend! Just like last time, I used mostly Pinterest (see my board here!) and Disboards.com to find most of my inspiration! This night was a bit more low-key than our last one as it was thrown together a bit last minute! I don't remember how we settled upon this movie, but here's the rundown...

"Bear" Brats
"Highland" Ham (aka. bacon)
"Castle" Cabbage
"Triplet" 'Taters
"King Fergus'" Fruit & Cream 
"Witch's Brew": nothing special, whatever we were drinking that night, hehe
Scottish Sweet Buns

Shield Decorating
The Cast of Brave

And now what you've all been waiting for... a few photos!
Here's the craft for the wee one. She loves anything that has to do with coloring :) I cut out some crude shields from construction paper, slapped on a few rhinestones (which the wee one promptly removed, lol), and let her color away!

 Here's the spread! Again, really simple this time around. Just a plaid throw, some Celtic fabric, and a green felt table runner. I also threw on some Celtic ribbon, a Celtic candle, and a few goblets.

Here's the menu, a close up of some of the decorations, the cast of Brave (playset printed out from Disney Family) and of course I had to pull out one of my Breyer horses from my youth to stand in for Angus! 

On the left is "King Fergus'" Fruit & Cream- peaches from our local farmer's market with fresh whipped cream. Then DH's plate on the right of "Bear" Brats (bratwursts), "Highland" Ham (aka. bacon), and "Castle" Cabbage (just standard cooked cabbage). 

On the left are the "Triplet" 'Taters- just breakfast potatoes topped with parmesan. I'll post the recipe on here soon! It's a staple in our house for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! To the right are the Scottish Sweet Buns as well as the "Witch's Brew" which was nothing special, just whatever we were drinking that night, but in a festive goblet!! :)

Last, but certainly not least, Scottish Sweet Buns: recipe from Disney Family. We used oat flour to make them gluten free, left out the walnuts as we're waiting to introduce nuts to the wee princess, and just used our standard cake frosting recipe for the topping- delish!!! We promptly made another batch the next day, they were THAT good!

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