13 July 2014

Disney Family Movie Night: Emperor's New Groove

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So last night's Family Movie Night was The Emperor's New Groove! It almost has a more "Pixar" feel to it than traditional Disney, but I have to say, it's one of Disney's funniest movies! I love it :) It started because corn on the cob season has reached us here in the south, and that is my favorite food group! So at our local Farmer's Market, we picked up some corn on the cob, and built our meal and movie around that!

Peruvian-style Ribs 
Peruvian-style Porkchops
Kronk's Corn on the Cob
Chica's Cucumber Salad
Chaca y Tipo's Arroz y Frijoles (Rice & Beans)
Pacha's Peach Salad
Kuzco's Poison
(the latter most is not pictured... nothing special, it was whatever we were drinking that night!)

Decorate Pacha's Hut & Kuzco's Palace

And here's the photos!

Starting out, here's our craft for the evening... wee princess got a head start ;) I used my Cricut to cut out the castle and cottage images.

Next up, the spread! Complete with "Incan drawings" as DH called it and an alpaca-yarn poncho. I decorated the table with rich silky "royalty" colors, if you will, and added the bright red table runner as that's the color he wears as king. There's also a pile of jewels (bottom right corner- shown better in a later picture) to represent Kuzco's wealth.

Here's our dessert and appetizers: Pacha's Peach Salad (local peaches, cherries, and blackberries, topped with whipped local cream- yum!) and Kronk's (also local!) Corn on the Cob

And we've got the menu, along with homages to the llama and squirrel in the background, and can't forget the jaguar! One of my favorite scenes... "HA!... no touchy..."

Here's Chica's Cucumber Salad. Again, the cucumbers were also local! We had a great haul at the farmer's market that morning! In the background is DH's Peruvian-style Porkchops. Local chops done up with a Peruvian rub.

DH's (yet again local) Peruvian-style Ribs, done with the same rub as the porkchops.

Here's Chaca y Tipo's Arroz y Frijoles (Chaca & Tipo's Rice & Beans)- sorry, forgot to uncover those for the photo, whoops!

Couldn't forget to photograph "Kuzco's Poison!" These were probably my favorite decoration, hehe... oh and here's the pile of jewels.

And here's the "Incan drawings" hehe... anyone recognize this scene?! :)

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