20 December 2014

(Last Minute!) Toddler Gift Ideas

Wow! How is it already the last weekend before Christmas? Is anyone else fixing to pick up some last minute gifts this weekend? Thankfully I've had mine done for a while (had to plan ahead since baby #2 will be here any day!) but I thought I'd share some ideas that might be perfect for the toddler in your life! My favorite places to score good deals are Target (especially the dollar bin section!), Marshalls, Homegoods, TJMaxx, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, local antique/thrift stores, and Zulily. Also, remember that if you have Amazon Prime, you still have time to order most of your gifts in time to get them under the tree! So here we go...
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Most any "practical" gift can be made fun by getting it in your wee one's favorite color or character- whether it's pink or blue to Minnie & Disney Princesses to Star Wars & Jake and the Neverland Pirates! Here's some ideas, most of which are perfect stocking stuffer size too!

Practical Gifts

Let's be honest, most toddlers just can't seem to eat enough! I love keeping a small stash of ready-to-go snacks ready, especially for tossing in the diaper bag or keeping in the car. They're also largely great for adding to 72-hour kits! Here's some of our favorites...

Edible Gifts

This kind of falls into the the "practical" category, but the same rules apply- anything in a favorite color or character can really make anything fun! If your wee one is anything like mine, they've started to exert their independence too and enjoy helping (or being in charge of!) picking out their clothes in the morning! Here's some things that are easy winners, at least in our house...

Clothing Gifts

  • Socks (also a great time to stock up on some thicker winter boot-appropriate socks!)
  • Shirts
  • Fuzzy Snuggly Pants (Target has a great $5 selection!)
  • Pajamas (Walmart has a great economical in-store selection!)
  • Hat & Gloves (we actually picked up some local handmade gloves at our nearby antique shop!)
  • Diaper Covers (so this one might not work for everyone, but our wee one adores the new "fishy" Ocean Collection by Thirsties! She now likes to help dress her bum as well as the rest of her! hehe. Our favorite cloth diaper shop of choice is online at Nicki's Diapers* no affiliation, we just love their customer service, prices, & selection)

Nothing like some good ol' fashion fun toys to round out Christmas gifting! This is a great chance to even sneak in some educational gifts! Hehe... there's lots of fun stuff that can aid in learning shapes, colors, letters, etc.
Toys to Gift
  • Wood Blocks
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Cars & Trucks
  • Wood Puzzles (classic classic peg ones, magnetic "fishing" ones, or even chunky stand up ones that double as stand-alone animals too!)
  • Farm Animals (our wee one is getting wood animals to augment her vintage Little People barn that I got on eBay!)
  • Klip Klop Pony Castle (for your wee Disney princess or little knight in shining armor)
  • Playmobil (I remember playing with these as a kid myself!)
  • Duplo (getting her ready to inherit down the road my large childhood Lego collection, hehe)
  • Books (feel free to check out our favorite Winter Toddler Book List or our Christmas/Advent Toddler Book List for some ideas!)
  • Key Fob (Target has a great dollar section along the back wall of their toy section- maybe our wee one will stop stealing Daddy's keys if she has her "own" set that even makes noises!)
  • old phone (take out any tiny/dangerous pieces parts and the wee ones can have fun "talking" the day away on their own cell phone! An unused cordless phone works too. We also bought a vintage corded dial up phone that she loves "talking" on- bonus is that it still works! So in a pinch we can plug it in the wall to use!)

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