11 October 2014

31 Days: Our Winter Toddler Book Basket (20+ books to explore!)

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Good morning, friends! 
Welcome! Here on the blog, we're spending the month preparing a Holiday Planner to help organize everything for the fall & winter holidays. If you are new to this 31 day series, check out my beginning post...

Creating A Holiday Planner in 31 Days!

So today we are finally delving into the, I'm sure, long awaited for Christmas section of our holiday planners! I thought we might start out with me sharing some of our family's favorite Winter-themed books! Our Winter/Christmas/Advent Book Basket will be super full this year. We're starting a new tradition of opening one book per day of Advent & Christmastide (the 12 days of Christmas that lead up to the Epiphany) and doing a corresponding movie, craft, and/or baking adventure with each book! Should be fun :)

We have a 2.5 yro toddler in the house who, thankfully, loves to read! So most nights before bed, we all snuggle in and read a small pile of books. I have to confess that I'm a stickler for beautiful illustrations, even in children's books, or perhaps especially in children's books! However, some of these books I did pick out with purely my toddler's favorite things in mind. So! Without further ado, let me share my list with you! In no particular order...

The Hat by Jan Brett
Any book by Jan Brett is pretty much a classic. Such beautiful illustrations and great stories for toddlers young and old. We have the board book version which is perfect for tiny hands. A fun story about barnyard animals gathering around a hedgehog who has gotten a freshly laundered stocking stuck on his head!

The Mitten by Jan Brett
A true classic by Jan Brett- I even remember reading this one myself in grade school! Again, we have the board book version, which I love for little hands (and more durable too!). A fun tale of woodland creatures all trying to fit inside of one tiny mitten. So cute, and as usual the illustrations do not disappoint!

Mine, All Mine! by Claire Hawcock
A fun little book about sharing- the little squirrel sees a beautiful snowflake and wants it all for himself. He "squirrels" himself away in a treehouse, but slowly begins to think it might be more fun to share his treasure with his siblings. Fun illustrations and a good lesson make for a quaint winter storybook.

Disney Fairies Storybook Collection by Disney
This is a large collection of Tinkerbell stories and her escapes with the other fairies. There's a few stories in here that center around winter, such as "Vidia's Snowy Surprise" and "The Diamond-Dust Snowflake." Lots of words with a lower picture count, so it's better for the older toddler. 

Disney Princess Dressed for the Ball by Disney
This is a super short book with one sentence per page, so it's perfect for even the youngest of toddlers. Any princess fan will still enjoy this book! Also great for beginner readers! I picked this up in the dollar bin section of Michaels, I think. 

Those are the books that we currently own and enjoy! Below are many additional books that are on our wish list to get either in the upcoming months or next year. Do you own any of these? Are they favorites in your family? Do you have any favorites that I missed? I hope today's post has inspired you to add a few of these books to your upcoming Christmas lists of things to do, or pick up other festive books that catch your eye! Tomorrow we'll be finishing up my Book List posts with the rest of my holiday picks that pertain specifically to Christmas and/or Advent & Epiphany!

Pooh's Snowy Day (Disney Classic Pooh)

Spot's Snowy Day

White Snow, Bright Snow

When Winter Comes

Winter Lullaby

Snow (Sunburst Books)

Katy and the Big Snow (Vol 2)

The Tomten and the Fox

Gingerbread Baby

Gingerbread Friends

Red Sled

Over and Under the Snow

No Two Alike

Biscuit's Christmas Storybook Collection

Snow Princesses (Disney Princess) (Glitter Board Book)
Disney Bunnies: Thumper's First Snow
Bambi and the Big Snow (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading) (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)

The Ice Box (Disney Frozen) (Friendship Box)

Snowmen at Night (Storytown Library, Grade K, Story 8)

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