28 October 2014

31 Days: New Years Menu Planners

Good afternoon, friends! 
I hope you're having a blessed day :) Welcome to today's FREE printable I'm sharing for you to add to your Holiday Planner, if you'd like! We're spending the month preparing a Holiday Planner to help organize everything for the fall & winter holidays. If you are new to this 31 day series, check out my beginning post...

Today we're continuing with New Years-themed printables! At the bottom of the post is today's FREE blank printable bundle where you can fill in all of your ideas for New Year's Eve meals! There's a place to keep track of all your menu planning needs. Here's a rundown of what's included in the bundle, much the same as previous menu planning bundles!
  • New Years Menu Ideas: it's exciting to plan a big meal for the holidays, especially if you're hosting friends and family! As ideas for what to serve start swirling through your thoughts, jot them all down here- you can narrow down your choices and decide on a final plan as the big day approaches!
  • New Years Menu Plan: here's where you can write out your final meal plans for meals. This includes a place to write down which course the food is for (breakfast/lunch/dinner, appetizer, main dish, dessert, etc.), the recipe name, the source (Pinterest, cookbook name & page, family recipe), the time it takes to both prep and cook the dish, as well as any particular notes about that dish (double the recipe, etc.)
  • New Years Grocery List: as you finalize your menu plan, don't forget to write down all of the ingredients on this list- it will make heading to the grocery store so much easier!
Download the New Years Menu Planner Bundle HERE
(contains all three FREE printables in one file!)

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