22 October 2014

31 Days: Christmas Card Tracker

Good morning, friends! 
Welcome to today's FREE printable I'm sharing for you to add to your Holiday Planner, if you'd like! We're spending the month preparing a Holiday Planner to help organize everything for the fall & winter holidays. We're officially halfway through the series, but if you're dropping in for the first time, check out my beginning post...

Below is today's FREE blank printable where you can keep track of all your Christmas cards! I don't know about you, but I can never remember who I've sent Christmas cards to and who I've received them from... and I generally like to reciprocate if someone mails me a card as well. This is a super simple tracker, a From and a To column, along with an area to place an "X" next to whether or not you've already sent/received from that person. Nothing complicated, but I find it definitely helps during the crazy Christmas season!

Download your FREE printable here )

I've also included a bonus Christmas Card Tracker! This is another tracker I've used in past years and includes the below sections. So feel free to download both or just whichever one you'd find most useful in your Christmas Card adventures :)
  • Name
  • Address
  • Sent
  • Received

Download Christmas Card Tracker

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