14 October 2014

31 Days: Create a Family Christmas Bucket List

Good afternoon, friends! 
Welcome to today's FREE printable I'm sharing for you to add to your Holiday Planner, if you'd like! We're spending the month preparing a Holiday Planner to help organize everything for the fall & winter holidays. If you are new to this 31 day series, check out my beginning post...

Today's printable is for creating a family "bucket list" of things to do throughout the Christmas season! You can see part of my list above. With DH in the Army, we move around a fair amount. After 3 years in the deep south, we're SO excited to be farther north again where we can go cut down a Christmas tree again and it's cold enough to snuggle by the fireplace! Maybe, if we're lucky, we'll get a bit of snow again this year and get to make snow angels and have a snowball fight... What things are on your "must do" list for the winter season? Don't forget to check out any local holiday festivals that your area might be hosting! 

Below is a FREE blank printable where you can fill in all of your favorite activities to make sure you don't miss out on doing anything during the Christmas season! There's a column for items to "do" and a column for items to "bake!" 
Download your FREE printable HERE

It could probably go without saying, but I've included this printable in my Holiday Planner under the Christmas divider tab!

Today I actually have a BONUS free printable for ya too! Do you do a Winter Cleaning, like a Spring Cleaning but once the cold weather starts setting in? If so, here's the perfect place to keep track of all those cleaning projects or other items you want to get done during the busy holiday season!

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Jennifer Kostick said...

I love this! What a fun idea!!!