17 October 2014

31 Days: Christmas/Winter Homeschool Trackers

Good afternoon, friends! 
SO sorry this post is coming to you a day late! On the upside, today you'll get TWO posts! :) So welcome to today's (well, yesterday's... hehe) FREE printable I'm sharing for you to add to your Holiday Planner, if you'd like! We're spending the month preparing a Holiday Planner to help organize everything for the fall & winter holidays. If you are new to this 31 day series, check out my beginning post...

Below are TWO FREE blank printables where you can fill in all of your favorite homeschooling ideas for during the Christmas & winter seasons- things to do just for fun but having a learning element or formal learning ideas too! There's one printable for winter-themed items and a separate list for Christmas/Advent ideas! Even if you don't homeschool, this is a great place to keep track of craft ideas and learning opportunities that you want to enjoy with your kids at home! It could probably go without saying, but I've included these printables in my Holiday Planner under the Christmas divider tab!

Obviously everyone's list is going to be tailored to the age and interest of their wee ones, but here's a peek at the ideas I have for our young toddler! If you want to check out some more homeschool ideas, feel free to visit my Homeschool: Preschool Pinterest board! I also have a few other homeschooling boards that are for older children as well as general tips and ideas for homeschooling!

My "To Craft" lists include....
  • decorate sugar cookies
  • popsicle stick nativity
  • popsicle stick giant snowflake
  • popsicle stick sled
  • winter bird feeder
  • painting with colored ice cubes
  • candy cane reindeer
  • decorate gingerbread house
  • make igloo out of sugar cubes
  • make Christmas trees out of buttons
  • decorate felt ornaments
  • bowling for "snowmen" (aka. rolls of TP)
  • coffee filter angels
  • decorate playdough Christmas trees
  • build lego / duplo Christmas trees 

My "To Learn" lists include...
  • lacing Christmas trees, bells, snowflakes, etc.
  • Christmas-themed memory game
  • Advent-themed geography lesson
  • snow sensory bin
  • Christmas sensory bin (tinsel, mini trees, plastic ornaments, etc)
  • penguin sensory bin
  • weave ribbons through a wire shelf
  • Nativity scavenger hunt (hide the Nativity scene characters)
  • Christmas word search
  • paint by number Christmas trees, snowflakes, etc.
  • 12 Days of Christmas-themed puzzles
  • Christmas-themed letter crafts- "T is for tree," "S is for Snowflake," etc.
  • counting/sorting Christmas-themed objects

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