19 March 2015

Easter Egg Fillers

Looking for some Easter egg fillers other than the typical candy? With two wee ones, I wanted more than just sweets to fill their eggs. So here's a few ideas to get the ball rolling- especially for your older toddler or preschooler! Check back over the next few days for more Easter ideas for the whole family!

Pre-perforated sheets (like Mrs. Grossman's pictured here) fit nicely or simply cut out larger sheets into smaller pieces

Pom Poms
Smaller ones are a perfect fit! Color coordinate the inside poms with the outside egg color for added fun! Great for sorting/matching activities later too.

Bouncy Ball
One big one or a few small ones are a great fit

Small crayon, pencils, etc
Break down larger crayons, melt bits into fun mini shapes, or sharpen down mini pencils to fit!

Slim necklaces or bracelets fit very nicely, and if your wee one has pierced ears, go for some cute earrings too!

Craft supplies
Twine, ribbon bits, beads, gems- any smaller crafting bit is perfect!

Pipe Cleaners
Twist into fun shapes to fit into the eggs!

Mini Erasers
I may be dating myself, but when I was little, I remember collecting all the fun shaped erasers! It seems like they're coming back into style again now- perfect for school time or fun time!

Legos or small Duplos sets
Figurines will fit great in any egg. A small set, like this Lego Police Bike, would fit entirely spread out into a few eggs. We have this Duplo Jake and the Neverland Pirates set, which has plenty of smaller pieces- you could include those in the eggs as a hint to the remaining pieces awaiting in the Easter basket!

Hair Accessories
Headbands, hair clips, etc. would be perfect fits inside eggs!

Small Animal Figures 
We love the chunky Qube sets from Hape- various themes to choose from, economical, stand on their own, and many have holes to work on lacing dexterity!

Puzzle Pieces
Put a few pieces in each egg- perfect!

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