22 November 2015

Cloth Diapers: at the Hospital

Hi Friends~
Tonight I'm starting a mini series all about how I cloth diaper! The best thing I can tell you is to do your research! Cloth diapers have come a LONG way in the past few decades- they're no longer just pinned diapers with plastic pants! Hehe. There are MANY options- with my first little one, I ordered a few different styles in different brands. After she was born, I figured out which worked best for our lifestyle, and which brand fit her build best. Check out your local cloth diaper store or online store as some offer newborn packages where you can try different styles!

Anyhoo, so that's some starting advice! Today I'll focus on how I cloth diapered our little one, starting right from birth at the hospital! When you tour your personal hospital, ask how receptive they are to cloth diapering. Different places have different rules, so hopefully yours will be open to it!

2 large hanging wetbags
small wetbag 
6 newborn covers
3 dozen flat diapers
3 dozen cloth wipes
travel-size spray bottle (filled with water/witch hazel blend)
travel-size container (filled with coconut oil)
Scentsy Scent Pak (in Winter Pine)

How to:
- I hung a sign (with washi tape, or masking tape) on our bassinet that stated "cloth diapers only: no disposables please!" so that the nurses were on board with our diapering choices. Since our wee one only left my sight once (for the discharge hearing test, blood test, etc), I didn't really have to worry about anyone else diapering her.
- I hung a wet bag inside the private bathroom that my hospital room had, which is also where I hung the Scentsy Scent Pak! They're great for covering up the "hospital" smell as well as any diaper smells and just the general funk from after giving birth! ;)
- I used the spray bottle to gently wet the cloth wipes. Another option I use when away from home sometimes is The Honest Company's wipes. When I first started cloth diapering, I just used Viva brand paper towels and a spray bottle of water & witch hazel. I then moved over to cloth wipes, which is really convenient when you're already cloth diapering!
- I used the "origami fold" for the flat diapers, which in effect created a faux "fitted" diaper! This fold fit well under my newborn covers. We didn't use any fasteners, but feel free to purchase some if you'd like! I didn't both since I knew we'd be switching to a "pad fold" or "trifold" as soon as the wee one got a little bigger.
- The little pot of coconut oil was for any diaper rash flare ups. It also helps in removing the sticky first meconium poops, and helps keep future sticky poops from sticking to the bum! I did not have any problems with meconium staining our diapers, by the way- nothing a little sunshine couldn't bleach out. If you're concerned though, you can purchase some fleece or disposable liners!
- Be flexible! Your birth may not go quite as planned, so even if all your cloth diapering dreams don't come true while you're in the hospital, don't fret. You can start up at home when you're ready! Our oldest didn't get any cloth diapers until she was 2 months old, when I felt ready to tackle it.

Next post, I'll show you our whole Newborn set up at home! Can't wait to share with ya'll :)

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