01 November 2015

31 Days: Tinkerbell Gifts at Disney

Hi friends!
Today I am excited to share with you the idea of "Tinkerbell Gifts" - festive gifts that "Tinkerbell" leaves your children before or during your trip! You can gift these at all different times... 
  • surprise them with the trip by giving them a gift saying "we're going to Disney World!" 
  • give them a gift when you leave for the airport (for use on the plane!) or leave for the car ride road trip down to Disney World
  • gift them each morning when the kiddos wake up (that's what my cousin and I are doing for our littles on our upcoming family reunion!). If you're *Disneybounding*, theme the gift to the character you're dressing like that day!
  • arrange with your hotel to have them waiting in the room when you arrive
  • have your spouse take the wee ones to the pool or walk around the resort while you zip into the room and set things up!

Pick your packaging!
Start from the bottom up- figure out what you want to present your gift in! This can be anything from a bowl to a bag to even a lunchbox for the wee ones to use to bring snacks and lunches to the park during your trip! If it's a smaller gift, choose something like a small glass, sippy cup, or new water bottle! If think is gifting before the car/plane ride, maybe use a new (or even fill up a current bag!) backpack as your child's carryon or you bag for the road trip!

Add some snacks!
Whether it's a whole lunchbox full of Disney-themed goodies, or just one tasty goodie, some princess or pirate goodies are sure to be a hit.

Dress them in style!
Whether it's a new t-shirt, fuzzy comfy socks, bracelets, or new PJs, some new clothes or accessories are a great addition to Tink's gift!

Make learning fun!
Whether you're a homeschooler like us, or pulling the kids out of regular school, you'll likely need to squeeze in some homework during the trip. Make it a bit more fun by Disneying their learning tools! Whether it's a new notebook and pen or flashcards, puzzles, and worksheets- make learning fun!

Practical gifts can be fun too!
Your wee ones will still need to do mundane things, so make it fun! New Disney toothbrushes or potty training tools, wash cloths or hand soap  can bring a little extra magic to the trip!

Just for fun!
Of course, we have to throw in some toys for fun! Something to keep the littles occupied on the plane, bus ride from the airport, or just during stroller rides around the park- the possibilities are endless here!

Here's a sneak peek at what our preschooler might be getting one morning during our next trip!!!

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