17 October 2015

31 Days: Disneybounding

Hi friends!
So, what's "Disneybounding," you may ask? It's dressing up inspired by Disney characters! This is a fun little way to make your Disney trip even MORE magical! It doesn't mean dressing up in costume. It means your outfit is merely "inspired" by a character! So perhaps your outfit incorporates the same colors as your favorite character.... or your accessories are a nod to the character. Here, let's show some examples! These are all kids clothes currently in season for Fall 2015!

Snow White


Little Mermaid

Merida (Brave)


Sleeping Beauty (Briar Rose/Aurora)

Frozen- Anna & Elsa


Alice in Wonderland

Marie (Aristocats)

Minnie Mouse

There's a TON of other examples in my Pinterest board, including some DIY ideas! So feel free to go on over and get more inspiration!

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