03 October 2015

31 Days: Disney Planning Timeline

Disney World With Kids: Planning Timeline

Hey all! 
Thanks for joining me here- today will be a short post. It's all about timelines so you don't miss anything important when planning your Disney vacation! So print out a calendar, bust out your planner, and get ready to jot down a few dates here :) 

Book your resort! As soon as you know for sure what dates you'll be traveling, get that resort booked. Some fill up quicker than others, especially if there's any events going on during your trip dates. You can always adjust the days if you find yourself flying out a day sooner or later than originally thought. 

6 Months Out (180-190 Days)
Dining Reservations! Make them. Use them. Some restaurants will literally fill up 180 days out (or sooner!). If you're staying at a Disney resort, you can make your reservations starting 180 days out, plus up to 10 days of your trip. So you can make reservations for actually 190 days out! 

1-2 Months Out
FastPass+ Reservations! Make them. Use them. We'll discuss how later in this series. These are the rides that you really want to get AND you want to skip the long lines. Check out the Disney website to see which rides have FastPass+, it tends to be the big demand rides. If you're staying at a Disney resort, you can make these reservations 2 months out. Everyone else can reserve these 30 days out. 

10 Days Out
Magicbands customization! Make sure it's done by this time, as this is when they'll ship to your house! Don't fret if you miss this deadline- you can customize them up to 6 days prior to your arrival, and you'll just pick them up at the front desk at check in. We'll discuss this more later! 

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