13 October 2015

31 Days: Disney Planner

Welcome back, friends! 
Thanks for giving me the weekend off to spend time with family ;) 
Now onward to the rest of our Disney with Young Kids series!

Today I'm sharing my Disney planner with you! You may have picked up on the fact that I need to plan- makes me feel less stressed if I have everything at my fingertips. I'll share with ya a bit of what I do- the low speed and high speed version. 

Fast & Simple
Above is what I do for short trips, last minute trips, and even regular non-Disney trips to visit friends/family. Super simple plastic expanding folder that has velcro pockets on the outside- I got this one at Staples, I think. I print out any plane tickets, park tickets, hotel reservation confirmations and slip them in the large pocket. Any credit card-sized tickets go in the small front pockets. Super simple, but everything is corralled in one place. Great to have one central place for all your paperwork when you're already going to be busy keeping track of the wee ones while you're traveling! 

Cover All Your Bases
Yup, below you are looking at a full size planner packed full of Disney-goodness. Yup. I don't kid around when I'm really planning! 

  • Itinerary: So in my last post {here} I shared with you how I make an itinerary. I pop that in this section. Often I'll print out 2 or 3 copies- one goes on the fridge at the resort, one stays in the stroller, and an extra sometimes stays in the planner here. The one for the stroller I'll often print out slightly smaller (so it's pocket sized) and "laminate" it (with packing tape!) 
  • Budget: I also shared my budget with ya'll {here}. I have both the master budget and the daily totals tracker in here.   
  • Meals: I keep a meal tracker in this section- you can print out your own {here} from my first 31 Disney Days series! I usually end up putting it up on the fridge in the condo at Disney, so I can see it in the kitchen each night. Some days we make meals at our resort. Some days we bring meals (and we always bring snacks for the kids!). Some days we eat at a restaurant in the parks. 

  • Parks & TicketsI keep a business card keeper in this section and put in any park tickets, discount club cards, etc. in there. For me, I keep our Tables in Wonderland card, Disney Vacation Club card, and Disney Visa credit card in here- they all have discounts available in Disney! Any printable tickets I print, hole punch, and keep in this section too, of course. I ALSO grab a park map online and make a list of what rides (and where they are) I plan to do with the kids! (see below picture) I pop those in this section too. I usually "laminate" the park maps (with packing tape!) and bring them with us to the park so I make sure I hit all of our favorite rides!
  • Packing: I always make a packing list- whether it's an overnight trip to visit friends, or a 10-day trip to Disney. I have a list for me and one for each wee one. I keep them all in here. Print out your own copy {here}. 
  • Trip Report: I keep an envelope in here with notecards. I take down the highlights of each day so I can scrapbook them at home! I also keep other small memorabilia from the trip in here. 

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