23 October 2015

31 Days: Road Trip (Eating Edition)

Hi friends!
Today I'll be sharing some of our favorite snacks for the road! Along with a few tips to help snack time go a little smoother. Please feel free to learn from our family's mistakes on past trips! hehe

First up, our set up...
I keep a small cooler filled with any refrigerator-loving snacks in the backseat. I'll use this same cooler to bring snacks/meals into the parks during the trip, so it serves double duty!  

I have a caddy or basket that I place all of our snacks in for easy reaching. I'll put this on top of the small cooler, so our oldest can easily pick out a snack, and I leave a space here for her water bottle to fit!

I also bring an empty cup, to pour larger containers of snacks into- cereal, trail mix, etc. I got the Frozen cup from the Dollar Spot at Target! Other snacks I'll pre-portion into small tupperware before we leave- veggies, fruit, etc. I got the Mickey tupperware at the Dollar Tree- they're cheap quality but fun! They'll either get added to the kids' play kitchen or tossed after the trip. You could also use 

I also keep a baggie of small paper towels moistened with vinegar in the front seat with me. That's what I use instead of wet wipes (cheaper and no chemicals!). I also keep some dry paper towels and small bath/pool towels on the floor in the backseat for larger messes that may need to be cleaned up. Somewhere either with me or in the backseat (where I can reach from the front) I keep a small bag or garbage bin to collect, well, garbage! 

TIP: Empty that garbage bin every time you stop! Funky smells from foods build up quickly on a long trip, not to mention it'll just get full quickly! 

Now, on to some of our favorite snacks that are car-friendly!! (aff. links)
Dry Goods

Refrigerated Goods
  • sliced veggies- bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots
  • bite-sized fruits & veggies- cherry tomatoes, mini bell peppers, grapes, clementines
  • sliced fruit- apples, pears, kiwis
  • full-size fruits- apples, pears, peaches, plums (be sure the fruits are firm to avoid excessive juice drips!)
  • sliced or cubed cheese
  • string cheese

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