15 October 2015

31 Days: It's the Disney Countdown

Hi all!
So to piggyback off of yesterday's post about Disney Crafting, today I'll talk about one of my favorite crafts- making a Disney countdown calendar! A great way to work on counting for your older wee ones too ;) And because I love planning and doing Disney-themed activities, I make TWO countdowns! Below, I'll show you...

First, let's start with some other Disney countdown crafts that you can find on Pinterest:
  • Popsicle stick countdown- decorate a jar and some popsicle sticks and write a fun activity/small gift/trivia bit on each stick! Pick out one each night, or number the sticks and pick out the corresponding number of your countdown each night. When the sticks are gone, that means your trip arrives the next day!
  • Framed countdown (with glass)- use scrapbook paper to decorate a photo frame and use a dry erase marker to countdown each night the number of days left
  • Framed countdown (without glass)- same as the above, but instead of writing the numbers each day, use interchangeable scrapbook numbers to "flip" the countdown numbers each night
  • Clothespin countdown- string up a wire or twine, print out numbers (and maybe fun corresponding activities), and clothes pin them to the line. Each night, take down the corresponding number and/or do the activity!
  • Duplo countdown- create a tower of Duplo blocks, you can use the numbered ones or use washi tape, painters tape, or masking tape and number the blocks. Have your wee ones remove the blocks each night! 
  • Pingpong countdown- have a jar and fill it with ping pong balls, each with a Disney-themed activity, trivia bit, small gift, movie to watch, etc written on the ball. Have the little pick out one each night. When the balls are all gone, that means you're leaving on your trip the next day! If you have multiple littles, maybe have enough balls in there that each child can pick out a ball every night, rotate who gets to pick out the ball (good chance to teach "taking turns" or "sharing" hehe), or maybe each child even gets their own jar to pick out balls each night! 
  • Sticker countdown- print out a simple page of numbers, and have your little put a sticker on the number each night as they countdown the days. A great cheap and easy countdown!
  • Princess chain countdown- your traditional paper chain countdown, made with colored construction paper and the child rips off a link each night. Dress up the last link as your child's favorite princess or Mickey/Minnie! 
  • Monorail countdown- print out a picture of a monorail, Disney castle, and create some monorail "tracks." The kids can move the monorail down the track each night, closer to the castle! You could do this instead with a car (if you're road tripping to Disney) or a plane (if you're flying)!
  • Block countdown- using some scrapbook paper decorate the sides of wooden blocks and add numbers. Each day, you rotate the blocks to countdown the number of days left!
  • Magnet countdown- use some scrapbook paper and/or sticker numbers, decorate small pieces of paper and number them. Attach a small magnet to the back of each paper and put them on the fridge or magnetic tray. Each night, take that day number's magnet off!
  • Magnet countdown #2- Attach a simple numbered piece of paper to a magnetic surface (fridge, tray, etc). Each night, cover that day's number with a magnet to "cross out" the number.
  • Countdown wreath- create a Disney-themed wreath, string some twine across the open center and clothespin numbers up, rotating out the numbers each day as you countdown!

You can see all the above ideas and more on my Pinterest Countdown board, which you can also see at the bottom of the post! Now on to my personal countdowns...

First up, the super simple traditional Disney countdowns- I printed out a list of numbers, popped it in a frame, and added some simple crafty decorations with twine, washi tape, and scrapbooking paper. We used a dry erase marker to black out the numbers each night, counting down the days until our trip! Get your littles involved and let them be the ones to cross out the days each night after dinner or at bedtime- just use a Crayola non-toxic dry-erase marker (aff. link) or dry-erase crayons (aff. link)!

Now here's where you see my crafty side came out- the 12 Days of Disney countdown! If you've been around my blog for a while, you may have seen this before, but as the 12 Days of Christmas countdown! Yup, I just brought it out of storage to make it over for our last Disney trip! (for instructions on how to make your own, see my post HERE with free printable instructions!) I just added some Disney-themed tags this time and some Disney characters I cut out with my Cricut.

The pouches were, of course, for the 12 days leading up to the day we left for the trip. Inside each pouch is a fun gift and activity to do each day. 

Since our trip was at the end of the month, the first two weekends that month we did movie nights- so those are the extra "tags" you see clothes pinned at the top corner, designated with the date they were to be opened! 

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