14 October 2015

31 Days: Disney Crafting

Hi all! 
Today I'll give you some ideas of fun Disney crafts you can do! If Disney Family Movie Nights aren't quite your thing, maybe you can do some crafting together as a family instead, to help pass the time before your big Disney trip! 

  • make a Disney Savings Jar, like the one above! Just a container, some twine, Disney die cuts, wash tape, and you've a fun way to save up for your trip!
  • create matching Disney t-shirts for your trip- from iron on transfers to bleach spraying, there's shirt-making techniques for ALL crafty levels. If creating one yourself isn't your thing, support another family by checking out Etsy for TONS of great shirts and pick some shirts out together as a family!
  • make a Disney-themed wreath! buy supplies at the Dollar Store and have fun :) If it's near a holiday, your wreath can do double duty (think Christmas wreath, or theme it with Disney couples for Valentine's Day, etc) 
  • feeling girly? do Mickey or Minnie pedicures! Stencil on Mickey heads or do pink with white polka dots for an easy Disney touch!
  • make Autograph Books- there are printables available online for super-simple crafty creations, buy some Disney scrapbook paper, or for the more advanced, use your Cricut to cut out tons of fun characters!
  • make Memory Books- print out some pages for free online, decorate a regular notebook with washi tape, or go crazy making a mini scrapbook album!
  • create a Disney castle with Duplos! simply put some Disney-themed washi tape on some blocks and build away :)
  • sew a purse or backpack! Buy some Disney-themed fabric and get to sewing! This could be a great first-project for any child, it could even be hand-sewn in a pinch! Not your thing? Again, you could support another family by shopping on Etsy! Let your littles pick out their own bag 
  • Princess or Prince/Pirate sensory play- set up a sensory bin using Duplo or Fisher Price Little People princesses/princes/pirates. A GREAT play time for little ones!
  • create Disney necklaces and/or bracelets! Keep it cheap and easy by using pony beads and perhaps some simple charms, or go big with all sorts of fancy decorations! I prefer just using elastic for my littles, but older kids may be ready to try their hand at jewelry-making by using wire and clasps!
  • make some Disney-themed hair clips, headbands, or bow ties! Theme the colors to your little one's favorite princes or princesses :) You can put your creation on a bow tie clip, a hair clip, or a headband! I love putting them on hair clips and then clipping the clips on a soft headband to quickly switch up the headband design :)
  • Disney coloring pages- there are TONS online available for free. Super easy craft, and you could even work on their pre-writing or motor skills by using tracing printables, do-a-dots, or scissor skills sheets!
  • make Disney Peg People! A fun craft for you and slightly older little ones to do together! Purchase paints, brushes, and wooden pegs and decorate them like princes and princesses or even pirates!
  • create Disney-themed vinyl crafts! There are a bunch of fun, easy crafts that you can use vinyl for- decorate water bottles, bins, notebooks, cups, photo frames, the list goes on... You can purchase rolls of vinyl at most craft stores or online and cut them out yourself, or use your Cricut!
  • make personalized luggage tags- use scrapbook paper and stickers to make your own tags. Then laminate them (or use clear packing tape) and thread with thick ribbon!
These are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling! Use Google or Pinterest and you'll find a TON of other ideas for a great family Disney night of crafting. Check out my Pinterest board below for more ideas!! 

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