18 October 2015

31 Days: Get Out and Play at Disney

Hi friends!
I hope you're having a blessed Sunday. Our family is a bit under the weather this morning, so we're staying home from church, but I hope you've gotten a chance to spend some time with our beautiful Saviour and Lord this morning! 

So this morning I'll be letting you in on some GREAT places to let the wee ones get out of the stroller and PLAY at the parks! So let's get to it...

Magic Kingdom
  • Most of the park really! This is the most kid-friendly park, where the majority of the rides are geared towards the youngest guests. Many of the queue lines for the rides have interactive activities or play areas for the smallest of riders!
  • Swiss Family Treehouse- tons of stairs, traversing up and down through the Swiss Family Robinson's replicated treehouse!
  • Dumbo- there's a great air conditioned, indoor play place in the ride line! You can pop in there and just play for a bit, even if you don't want to ride, but you must be under 8 yrs old to play. Complete with slides, climbing nets, and a toddler play place. 
  • Tom Sawyer Island- take a "handmade" boat across the river and explore the island! Complete with a barrel bridge, hidden gem mines, a fort, and tons of room to just run about. On top of the hill is a little play structure perfect place for your littlest ones to enjoy. 
  • Frontierland Train Station- located at the exit to Splash Mountain and the entrance area to the train station platform, you'll find a little play place tucked away, perfect for your littlest adventurers. 
  • Storybook Circus- located near the Dumbo ride has water features for kids to play in on hot days and occasionally has performers come and do short shows!

  • World Showcase- throughout the countries, there's Kidcot Fun Stops where kids can color, make crafts, and learn more about the culture of each country represented. Many of the countries also have performers throughout the day- among them a juggling mime in Italy, drummers in Japan, and a lumberjack show in Canada!
  • The Seas- an indoor pavilion aquarium! Throughout the day, animal keepers give talks about the various animals- learn how much a manatee eats or even see a dolphin training session. 
  • Mission Space- there's a space-themed "Space Base" play area for the youngest adventurers and various astronaut-themed video game type activities for the slightly older ones.
  • Innoventions- an indoor pavilion with a variety of kids for all ages. The exhibitions on display change up every few years, so be sure to check out Disney's website to see what's going on during your visit!
  • Fountains- there are various fountains for kids to play with throughout the front Future World area! Some are only operational in the warmer months. Year round, don't miss the "jumping fountains" up near the Imagination pavilion!

Hollywood Studios
  • Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set- perfect place to run around! You've been shrunk to the size of an ant! Play in the backyard where giant blades of grass and adventure await- slides, winding staircases, "spiderweb" nets for climbing (see the photo above!), and even ride on an ant! But beware,  you may get wet- there's a dripping hose and a sneezing dog!
  • Walt Disney: One Man's Dream- an indoor pavilion full of artifacts all the way back to when Walt first developed Mickey Mouse! If your wee one loves Mickey/Minnie, it might be fun, and all the displays are behind plexiglass, so you don't need to worry about them breaking anything! It's mostly for adults (we loved seeing the history of all things Disney), so it just depends on your kids really. 

Animal Kingdom
  • The Boneyard- a play place awaits for kids of all ages (10 and under)! Dig in the sand for fossils, climb across rope bridges and covered slides, musical "bones" to bang on, a Jeep to climb upon, and even a mini slide sections for toddlers!
  • Affection Section- a petting zoo where kids can interact freely with adorable goats! They can also feed a few other animals. A MUST for any animal-loving kiddos.
  • Conservation Station- an indoor pavilion where kids can learn fun animal facts, view smaller animal exhibits, and, if you're lucky, even see an animal surgery (head there early in the day for your best chance to view- not available everyday)!

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