16 October 2015

31 Days: Dollar Spot Your Way to Disney

Hi friends!!
Today I'm back to share some fun ideas to keep your budget in check when planning your Disney trip. As with any amusement park, Disney prices are much higher than what you can get at home. Keep this in mind as you plan, and see what you can bring from home in order to avoid buying in-park! The Dollar Spot (at Target) or Dollar Tree stores are a PERFECT way to keep costs in check and pick up some fantastic Disney goodies! Walgreens (especially the clearance section) and Walmart are some other places to score budget Disney items.

Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling...

  • Glow Sticks/Wands/Bracelets- to give the kiddos during nighttime parades! So they won't be asking for the $15 glow wands they sell at the park
  • Tiaras & Wands- perfect for any little princess
  • Bags/Purses- perfect as a carry-on item to the little ones to carry all their goodies/souvenirs, to corral toys in the rental car or during a road trip, or keep together toys with multiple items
  • Clothes- perhaps some new PJs or tees that the littles get to open during the trip!
  • Craft Supplies- older kids can write all about their trip and younger kids can draw pictures about their trip (or just color in general!)
  • Tissues & Band aids- you know you're gonna need them, so why not spring for some cute Disney ones for the trip!
  • Puzzles & Games- great way to pass the time back at the resort during "down days" or rainy days, or if your youngest ones need to nap at the resort, older kiddos can play some games. Smaller games are perfect for entertaining on road trips or plane rides too!
  • Snacks- usually we don't eat a ton of sweets, but vacations are a chance to indulge a little ;) I found some princess gummies at the Dollar Tree!
  • Stickers- because, stickers. hehe
  • Dinnerware- new cups, utensils, and snack containers are fun to bring on a Disney trip! I also love Bumkins' line of Disney bibs and sleeved bibs which easily wipe clean (aff. links)
  • Pillow case/Blanket/Stuffed Animal- if you're road tripping, or have a late night plane flight, something fun and cuddly may help the wee ones nap better. And they're fun!
  • Tinkerbell Gifts- I'll talk about this later in the series, but essentially goodie bags that the wee ones get when you arrive at (or leave for) Disney!
Also, don't forget, if you can't find a Disney-themed item you're looking for in the dollar bin, grab a generic one, pick up some stickers, vinyl, or paint, and decorate your items at home! You can customize a plain water cup to be your little one's favorite character! Brush on some non-toxic Mod Podge (aff. link) over your decorations to keep little fingers from picking the decorations off, hehe. Or laminate items, if applicable (my favorite cheap "laminator" is just using clear packing tape!) 

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