09 December 2010

Christmas Tour of Home- the tree

So here's our quaint little tree- our first tree! Last year was our first Christmas together, but DH was deployed so I didn't have a tree. In person it looks much more full of ornaments- it's hard to tell from the photo, but because of the way the branches are, we have many layers of ornaments as you get further in towards the trunk of the tree. I really like it, we both do! :) It's a blue spruce, which both of us love.

So a little bit about our tree's decorations....
Theme:: one vintage Christmas combo is teal & silver, and I just happen to love teal so that's what I went with! Added a few pops of big black bulbs for accent- there's only 5 of them, but they definitely add a lil elegance in my opinion ;) the rest of the ornaments are muted rustic colors that blend nicely, as they don't detract color-wise from the general theme colors
Lights:: only bought one strand and used another short strand I already had- I could have used another strand to make the lights more full, but didn't want to have to buy yet another strand
DIY Topper:: so I didn't like any of the ones I saw in stores over the past year, so I just made two big bows for the top, with a few short ribbons streaming down... this upcoming year I plan to make a star topper for next Christmas :) I wish I could find the video where I learned how to make my bows, but this is essentially the same thing {here}
Frugal Ornaments:: most of them I got at 50% off after last Christmas, so they were mega cheap! The horses were all gifts from my mom, the only thing we splurged on were the Disney ornaments which we got during our second honeymoon at DisneyWorld
Tree Blanket:: so I realized after getting all the ornaments on that we had no blanket for under the tree! our local fabric shop isn't too good, so I decided to check my current stash of fabric first- I found this light teal fabric, cut it in half, and though not too large, at least for this year it covers up the ugly green plastic tree holder! :)

.: Frugal Tip of the Day :.
Many of you already know this, but buying Christmas decorations {or any holiday decorations} are the cheapest right after the holiday! You may not get the selection that you're looking for, but you'll save anywhere from 50-80%!! So plan ahead, and check out the selection at your local stores just after the holidays this year ;)

Here are a few close ups of some of my favorite ornaments...

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R. Long Pyper said...

I really like the black ornaments too — they add lots of depth!

Allison said...

Looks fabulous!
Thanks so much for linking up to my Holiday Open House! :)

Margaret@MissAdventures of Susie Homemaker said...

So pretty! Found you from a Glimpse Inside!