21 March 2014

Irish Inspiration: St. Patty's Day Mantel DIY Tips

Hi all!
Thanks so much for joining me this week for some Irish inspiration! Hopefully it's given you some ideas for next year's food, decor, and fun! Today I'm wrapping up our journey with my mantle this year. Here's a quick look back at all of our Irish Inspired fun this week...

Fri: St. Patty's Day Mantel DIY Tips (that's today!)

Again, please ignore our terra cotta walls... we've yet to paint our rental home! This month's mantle is a bit small as I threw it together quickly, but hopefully these tips will help you think a little outside the box when creating your next mantle!

 (1) Re-use
Some of you might vaguely remember these fabric-covered trees. That would be because I first used them a few years ago, in my 2012 Mantel. I shared how to make them in that post too! If you want to change things up each year, you could easily just switch out the fabric on something like this. Try and look at the items you have used before and consider using them again or using them in a new way! These trees are also a great way to use up some fabric scraps!

(2) Cards
This may sound silly, but if you've gotten cards from family or friends, well, use them! They're like mini works of art, so why not include them in your mantel! Use all of them or just your favorites. Another way to use cards- go shopping in your local card store/aisle and pick out a few of your favorites. You can throw them in a dollar store frame and you've got instant mantle-worthy art, or you can add some St. Patty's Day cheer to another room and mount them on the wall!

(3) Fillers
Do you have red and green vase fillers for Christmas? Well, if you know where they are, dig out the green ones, throw them in a vase or cup, and there ya go! Easy peasy! If you have any green candles, perhaps of the evergreen variety also leftover from Christmas, dig those out too and add them to your mantel! Even if you're not in the mood for some pine scents, you don't have to light them- just use them for their green color.

(4) Plants
It doesn't get much easier than this- if you have any houseplants that fit on the mantel (or maybe are already on your mantel!) then they'll fit right in! They're already the right color scheme, and they'll add a great organic touch to your mantel vignette.

(5) Use what you've got
Pull out those extra green votive holders and put them up on your mantel. They don't even need to be filled with anything, or just pop a spring-scented candle in there (just make sure they're not too close to anything flammable!). Again, decor from Christmas might be perfect to use again. Also, if you don't have the perfect vase or nice holder, take a look in your kitchen cabinets and see what you DO have- no one said vase fillers HAVE to be used in a vase! I dug out this gravy boat because it was the perfect size to hold all of my fabric-covered balls that I wanted to use. A green and/or yellow or  white/green/orange bowls would be great to add to your mantel!

I hope I've given you some good ideas to work with the next time you're designing your St. Patty's Day mantel or any of your next mantel vignettes! So many of these ideas are good starting points for any great mantel display. Have a fabulous weekend, friends!
God bless,

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RHome410 said...

You always share such cute things. And you've moved again! I never sent your little one's gift. I bet she's getting so big by now! I hope you're getting all settled in. You can probably do and blog about so many more projects in a home than in an apartment. ;-)