03 December 2009

A Christmas Apart

so holidays are a bit depressing when half your heart is half way around the world. I am eternally grateful for our Lord's birth and the Salvation that He brings. That is indeed the meaning of Christmas, and so that is something that will always be alive in my heart, especially around the holidays. Though I'd be lying if I didn't say that it's hard to get into the festive decorating and merriment when there's only yourself to share it with. It is purely through His Strength and Comfort that I am able to move from day to day while Steven's away, and though there's a hole when Steven's away, He is what fills that gap and carries me through the moments where I just want to curl up and fade away until Steven comes home :(

well, enough of the moping I suppose. I did do some minor decorating, mostly just so I could send Steven a picture. I'm pretty sure his room in Iraq is more decorated than our entire apt here, hehe. Me and his family and others have sent him trees and decorations and such, so I'm glad he has a bit of "home for the holidays." He enjoys it too. I'll be spending Christmas and New Years with my parents {weather permitting!}. So anyways, here is a look at my apt "decorations." I actually really like this nativity set, and surprisingly it was from walmart.

click on the photo for larger view

.: left to right :. nutcracker music windup, Christmas ribbon tree {the "star" at the top is an OIF ornament, Operation Iraqi Freedom"}, vase with cinnamon scented pinecones and ball ornaments, nativity, another vase, and framed Christmas engagement photo by Sarah Ortiz. strewn along the front are ornaments and gold chain amongst tree springs from a lil Christmas tree I had growing up :) it lost two of its three feet so it wouldn't stand up anymore, so I repurposed the branches