18 November 2014

Toddler Autumn Sensory Bin

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner? I swear it snuck up super quickly this year! So with the Autumn season rapidly wrapping up, I figured I'd better put together this sensory bin for the wee one before it becomes outdated! Hehe. It's pretty flexible too- omit a few items and it's perfect for Halloween, add a few items and it's perfect for apple-picking season! Let's take a look at what the little one is playing with at the moment...

  • popcorn kernels
  • clear pumpkin vase fillers (these were $3 at Target!)
  • foam pumpkins ($1 for 10 foam shapes at Target)
  • foam turkeys ($1 for 10 foam shapes, again at Target)
  • fabric scrapbooking leaves
  • fall-colored tins for scooping
  • fall-colored plastic eggs for scooping
  • ice cube tray (on the side)
Additional content ideas:
  • apple foam shapes
  • fall-colored beans (instead of corn kernels, or in addition to!)
  • more foam shapes (especially if you're using a bigger bin!)
  • Halloween foam shapes (bats, ghosts, cats, etc.)
  • real leaves (freshly fallen outside, too dried and they'll just crumple up when played with!)
  • real mini pumpkins
  • real mini Indian corn
  • read apples
  • acorns (real or faux vase fillers)
  • fall-scented candles (to add another sensory to the sensory bin!)
  • fall-colored pom poms
  • fall-colored pipe cleaners
  • other festive vase fillers

Later this week I hope to switch out some of the contents and add some of the ideas from the "additional content" list! I find that my little one gets bored easily and then tends to just fling sensory bin contents around willy-nilly. Hopefully changing up the contents will help keep her toddler attention engaged ;)