29 June 2013

Quick, Cheap, & Easy DIY Patriotic Decor & Entertaining Tips

Hey all!! So, this year I'll be decorating vicariously through these patriotic photos... our Independence Day decor is all packed in boxes (from our PCS last July!) in the storage unit- boo! Anyways, so here I've gathered up photos from our previous years' celebrations to share with everyone! Included are some tips for decorating & entertaining on the cheap- hope you enjoy!

A few tips & ideas for quick, cheap, and easy patriotic decor...
(1) Medallion stars- 
Just 1-2 pieces of scrapbook paper, some adhesive and string to hang with, and you've got yourself instant big decor pieces! A simple tutorial is: {here(in between steps 3&4, snip the one end on an angle to get the more "star" appearance instead of smooth circle edge )
(2) Patriotic candle display- 
Just a mason jar, some colored pebbles or rocks, and a patriotic colored candle! This neat huge mason jar even has an eagle on the front, bought at Michael's a few years back. 
(3) Patriotic signage- 
Print out your favorite patriotic phrase onto vellum paper, attach to some patriotic scrapbook paper and frame. Being a military family, this is a common phrase for us, and perfect for a patriotic mantle: "Keep calm and soldier on!"  
(4) Patriotic yarn balls- 
Wrap up some patriotic-colored yarn into balls! Easy to whip up some of these balls whilst watching your favorite show or while chatting with a friend. 
(5) Star dishes- 
Dishes are great not only for serving with (of course!) but also for mantles! After Independence Day, decor goes on sale super cheap- one of the best times to grab next year's decor pieces! 
(6) Framed banner-  
So easy to change up for different seasons! Simply frame a piece of fabric or patriotic scrapbook paper and adhere a cute banner! Check out my tutorial: {here}
(7) Flag collection- 
It doesn't get much easier and cheaper than this! Pick your favorite pretty bowl and pour in a bag of toothpick flags :)
(8) Patriotic decorative branches- 
Easy to change out decor pieces with each season. For Independence Day, I added some flags, tied on bits of patriotic ribbon and added a tiny wooden sign (from Christmas Tree Shoppe). 
(9) Patriotic wreath (not pictured)- 
Create a wreath where you can change out the decor with each season. You can view my free Wreath Tutorial: {here}

A few tips & ideas for quick, cheap, and easy patriotic hosting and entertaining...
(1) Patriotic utensils- 
Easy way to add a little more patriotism to your cutlery- set them out in a patriotic container! Here I'm using a mug from Disney World's "Liberty Tree Tavern" (featuring Mickey and the gang waving Old Glory).
(2) Patriotic buffet decor- 
Fabric placemats or table runners and a few plastic colored stars strewn about add some patriotic color to your buffet. Again, after Independence Day, decor goes on sale super cheap- one of the best times to grab next year's decor bits & pieces! 
(3) Patriotic buffet signage- 
Add some color to your buffet- layer some colored paper, put a patriotic stamp or sticker on the edge, then write out the name of each dish!   
(4) Drink signage- 
Tie the name signage onto the end of  a wooden spoon and put the spoon in drink pitchers. It's also great if you need to stir up the drinks periodically, like homemade lemonade!
(5) Patriotic drinks- 
An cheap alternative to the cute (but expensive!) paper straws- most standard plastic straw packages include red and blue straws. Just cut them down to size of your cups (if need be) and tie on a bit of ribbon. 
(6) Dessert banner-  
Dress up your cake or pies with a simple banner strung between two skewers. For instructions, check out Step #16 in my Wreath Tutorial: {here}
(7) Patriotic dessert- 
Decorate the top of your cakes or other dessert with colored sprinkles or sugar to get in the Independence Day mood! Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries also add the perfect red, white, & blue touch!
(8) Fancy dessert dishes- 
If you don't have fancy dessert dishes, improvise! Wine glasses, mason jars, or just standard clear water glasses work just as well to serve up your yummy parfaits or ice cream. 
(9) Patriotic tiered buffet dishes- 
For a great tiered look to your buffet line, purchase some clear box photo frames, cut some scrapbook paper to size and place inside the frame. Stack the frames to create different layers to set out your dishes on! 

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02 June 2013

USA Patriotic Wreath Tutorial

Hey ya'll! Sorry I've been a bit absent- I'm taking the summer to {finally} finish up my Master's Thesis.

I wanted to share our Memorial Day/July 4th wreath that I made last year, but never posted over on this blog!! I've included a free tutorial as well!! Hope you enjoy :)

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