14 May 2016

Retro Kitchen Inspiration

Hey all!
So! I'm super excited for today's post!! I'm teaming up with Big Chill, an innovator of reproduction vintage kitchen appliances. Our family LOVES the look of the classic vintage stoves and refrigerators, so I was beyond thrilled when I was contacted to feature their products in some dream kitchen ideas!

One of the things I might love best about vintage appliances? Color! Why are appliances only mundane black, white, or grey today. So uninspired! If you're like us, we spend a ton of time in our kitchen- it's the heart of our home, to be sure. So why not make it beautiful and colorful?! Let's see what I mean...

How fun would this shabby chic kitchen be to bake in? You can bring in your own style in in so many ways... 
  • a beautiful set of table and chairs in your eat in kitchen 
  • a small buffet for a coffee station
  • dishes and serveware can be perfect for subtle color, whether you buy it new or check out second-hand options like a thrift store or even Goodwill
  • decor like a beautiful clock or herb garden containers
  • tea pots and even countertop appliances can be found in beautiful colors! 

Don't forget to bring in color through beautiful fabrics for upholstery, dish towels, even curtains. And, of course, the crowning glory in this kitchen is the pop of pink in the stove and matching range hood! Want some more inspiration? Ask and ye shall receive ;) Here's a vintage farmhouse inspired kitchen with tons of charm and COLOR!

12 May 2016

Spring Cleaning tips

Spring has officially sprung here in the south, how about where you live? With the arrival of spring (aka. mud season!) our home was due for a bit of spring cleaning. I'm teaming up today with the Mesothelioma and Asbestos Awareness Center to share with you some of my favorite tips for cleaning up around the home- I like to err on the natural side of cleaners for the most part, as you'll see here shortly!
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08 February 2016

A Family Valentine's Day (on a budget!)

Coming up rapidly is Valentine's Day! Now this is typically my least favorite holidays- all about mandatory affection and buying go chocolates and candy. Not my thing. And then I had kids! Hehe... but we celebrate as a family! There's so many ways to celebrate love- the love of family, the love of Christ, the love of close friends.

Today I'm teaming up with Personal Capital to bring you just a few ideas of how to celebrate Valentine's Day without breaking the bank! We are saving up for an upcoming family reunion trip as well as working towards becoming debt free, which leaves very little wiggle room in the budget! Personal Capital has great tools for helping with your financial planning, so be sure to check them out! Whether it's a goody bag for the kids or a family movie night, we keep Valentine's Day celebrations  small, fun, and on budget! Here's a few ideas to get the wheels turning...

(1) Create goody bags for your kiddos 
Use Target's Dollar Spot, the Dollar Tree, or consignment stores to keep costs low! Don't be afraid to include practical items too- our goody bag this year includes fruit snacks and a diaper cover for our young toddler, and a second-hand shirt and stickers with notepads (to be used also for homeschooling!) for our preschooler!  Last year I shared some ideas for a Toddler Goody Bag and joined with The Twinery to embellish the Canvas Valentine's Bag you see above!

(2) Crafting bonanza
A fun way to celebrate might just be have a full day of heart-themed crafting! Make a handmade card for your the wee one's grandparents, friends, and of course dad! Create heart garlands to string up around the room or mantle. Hang red and pink balloons from the ceiling, door frames, etc. String up red & white crepe paper. Create an art masterpiece with stickers (maybe even sneak in a little counting practice while you're at it... "this tree needs 3 hearts, 4 in this tree, 1 in this tree")

(3) Do a family Bible study
Focus on finding all the way God shows his love for us. Discuss "agape" love.

(4) Have a family game night
Just make sure it's a game all members of the family can play, of course! Chutes and Ladders, Go Fish, Candyland are just a few games that kids of nearly all ages can enjoy :) If you have really little ones, maybe make a fun obstacle course instead! Whether it's a true test of skills (maybe even working on motor skills!) or just creating some tunnels and tents with couch cushions and blankets, it's sure to be a hit with kids of every age!

(5) Have a family movie night
Disney movies are rather perfect for a family movie night- Lady & the Tramp, Snow White, Sleeping Beautfy, Frozen, Lilo & Stitch- all great love stories! From puppy love, to a true love's kiss, to the love of sisters, to remembering that Ohana means family. Check out some of our own Family Movie Nights here to get ideas- decorations, food themeing, and of course the cinematic feature! Or maybe you just have "Tea for Two" (whether it's you and your spouse or you and your wee one!) and watch Mary Poppins or Alice in Wonderland- make your favorite finger sandwiches, brew a cuppa, and snuggle on the couch. Another staple in our house is Charlie Brown- there's quite a few Valentine's/love themed episodes to choose from there!

I hope this gives you a few new ideas how to have fun on Valentine's Day while keeping it family-focused and easy on the budget. Don't forget to check out Personal Capital for great tools to help organize your own finances, too!