08 November 2010

DIY Autumn decor

So it's full on autumn here in northern NY- actually, most of the leaves are already on the ground! Unfortunately, we don't get much of a "fall" around here- usually in about 3 weeks we go from the beginning of leaves changing to no leaves on the trees! Anyhoo, let's go for a little tour of some of the autumn decor we have going on in the SK household :) {I apologize in advance, some of the photos are a tad dark!}

Let's start in the kitchen area, since it IS the heart of the home :) Here the table is all decked out with acorns, squash, and candles- oh my! I got the beautiful leaf dishes from The Christmas Tree shop for a few bucks a piece {love that store!}.

The beautiful metal candle holder is from PartyLite that I got on clearance last Thanksgiving.
DIY:: I wrapped the candle in some super cute Charlie Brown fabric- LOVE it! I folded the top and bottom edges of the fabric under {so they're against the glass and you can't see any fraying!}, and then folded under one of the side edges and hot glued it on top of the other side edge- voila! No frayed edges to be seen :)

I draped our server side table with some autumn colored plaid fabric and tied some other autumn fabric on the handles of our patriotic basket. With DH being in the Army, everyday is patriotic in our household ;) We used to have a LOT more apples- 27 lbs! - but that's all the remains!

And our home wouldn't be complete without the Reason for the ultimate thankfulness, our Lord and Salvation. The DCWV wall art is new, and I just wanted to share, hehe!

So scooting around the corner, we have our book nook. I have this lil display on top of the one bookcase- the pumpkin charms and raffia were off of some candles I bought recently.
DIY:: I made the fabric balls in the larger vase with the gourds. Super simple- just cut some 1"ish strips of fabric, wrapped them around styrofoam balls, and pinned the ends with straight pins! So I spent a few bucks on fabric swatches and the balls, and got a great "designer" look without the cost!

So we used to have two other orange pumpkins as part of this display- but they rotted, whoops! Anyhoo, another fun display that I really like- wrapped some more of that great Charlie Brown fabric around the larger haybale {using the same technique as the candle in the kitchen}! Instead of hot gluing the ends together, I stuck some straight pins right on into the hay. I also added some pins on the two sides to keep the fabric more flush with the haybale. Throw a few acorns and pumpkins in, and done! This is on display on our side table in the living room :)

On the coffee table, just a few more of those super pretty leaf dishes with a few scattered acorns {LOVE those acorns- you see them a lot around our house, hehe!}. Oh yea, and those books {retail now for $10+} I got for $1 a piece at a garage sale a few years ago- bargain! They're not only decor, but practical classic reading material :D

And our "mantle" {since we don't have an actual fireplace}. Some sprigs off the top of cornstalks can be seen peeking around the edges of the long candle holder front and center. Wrapped the candle, to the right, in more festive fabric. A few more scattered acorns and I also created a little autumn display in a mason jar, to the left.

DIY:: This display was pretty cheap- the large mason jar was a few dollars, I bought two small bundles of grapevine {about $1 a piece} and untied those to spread around the bottom of the jar. Added a few faux leaves and tied on a bit of festive ribbon. The twigs are a group of three different bundles, each bundles was a few bucks a piece. So I'd guess this display cost ~$20-25 which can a bargain compared to what they charge if you get one like this pre-made!

If we go upstairs, there's a long hallway between the bedrooms, and I spruced it up with some more acorns, grapevine, pumpkins, and soy candles- wrapped with festive fabric, of course. And that's the grand tour of our autumn decor in casa SK :)

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