25 January 2014

Homemade Cleaners {free printable}

Hi there lovely readers!
How is your 2014 going so far? Our family is settling into our new home at our latest Army post- we're glad to be back a bit north and getting all four seasons again! After being down south for the past 2 1/2 years, we're ready for fall and winter :)

So I know I've been a bit quiet here this month (and the past, oh, year!), but we're finally down to the last few boxes to unpack! I'll have some fun organizing tips coming up in the next few months as I get everything settled in its final places in closets and whatnot! But for now, I thought I'd share with ya'll a free printable that I use myself!

So here it is! A free printable for keeping track of all those homemade cleaners! We love using vinegar, baking soda, castile soap, and hydrogen peroxide for nearly all our cleaning needs. I've started writing down all the combinations of solutions with this handy printable, and wanted you all to take advantage of it too, if you'd like!

As I wrap up the unpacking, you'll be sure to see me more around here posting and whatnot, as well as over on my card making blog! Be sure to stay tuned ;)

God bless,

04 January 2014

2014 Word

As a.... 
Christian, wife, mother, homemaker, friend, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, granddaughter, crafter, chef, teacher, organizer, cleaner, prepper, and whatever else the Lord puts on my heart as areas where I need growth. 

After over 15 months being in a cramped apartment at our last Army post, we just moved to our next duty station and are beyond thrilled to be renting our first stand alone home! No more sharing walls or ceilings or floors. No more standard military-grade finishes. An honest to goodness house! We may be renting, but we plan to make it ours as much as we possibly can for the time that we are here. 

That being said (and a bit of why I've been absent here for a while- we were living out of boxes and our storage unit for that time! Not to mention a computer crash that lost all of our photos from the past 3 years- note: ALWAYS back up everything on your computer!! I knew better, and backed up everything EXCEPT my photos... silly me!), I'm excited to get back on here and share with  you all and visit with everyone here on blogland :) Looking forward to what the Lord has in store for 2014!

God Bless-