10 August 2010

summer pasta

This is a favorite in our household! It's perfect for summer when you're looking for a light meal on those hot days, and when the tomatoes are in season. Take this recipe and make it your own- if you want more basil, add more! If you want more tomatoes, add more! This can be served hot as a main meal or cold as a side salad.

1 serving of pasta
~6-10 cherry or grape tomatoes
~6-10 small mozzarella balls
3-4 medium-sized fresh basil leaves
2-4 TB extra virgin olive oil
a few dashes of Adobo (optional)

Boil the pasta as indicated on packaging. I like to add some Adobo to the water to add a little extra flavor. While the pasta is boiling, cut the tomatoes and mozzarella into halves and mince the basil leaves. Drain the pasta and combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix. I usually put everything back in the pot that the pasta cooked in- it softens the mozzarella really nicely. Serve and enjoy!

- the pasta seen above are gluten-free trumpets, but feel free to pick any shape you wish!
- this is for a single serving- double, triple, quadruple, etc as needed!
- you can substitute 1 medium tomato (diced) for the cherry tomatoes
- you can also substitute 3/4 cup mozzarella (cubed) if you prefer buying the larger mozzarella balls, which I usually do as it's more economical
- although I prefer fresh basil leaves, you could substitute dried crushed basil- start at 1/8 tsp increase the amount to your taste preferences

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