28 September 2011

autumn pumpkin decor

WOW! I am so sorry I haven't checked in here for a while! Things have been a bit hectic since moving into our new home down south! I have lots of projects to share, just haven't gotten the time to post them! But, hopefully I'll be back on here more frequently sharing my fun ideas with ya'll! So here we go...

Yay, Autumn!! Again, it doesn't much feel like it down south since it's still pretty hot, so I'm just living off my memories of last fall up north- apple picking, pumpkin picking, jean & sweater weather... :)

Anyhoo, I started putting up my autumn decor and decorating my mantle (because we have a mantle in this house!!!) and here's one of the little projects I came up with! Super simple, I had all the materials on hand, but fun and festive :) Below I've included the material and instructions list for how I made this- they're not the best instructions ever, so just email me or leave a comment if you have a question! It would be perfect decor for any autumn party, decor, or halloween display!

.:. materials .:.
- felt (background & stem colors)*
- orange paper
- circle cutter (or trace a cup and cut out!)
- frame
- wire
- pencil/skewer (or other thin round object)
- glue dots
- hot glue gun
*you could totally use paper or fabric for this too!

.:. instructions .:.
(1) cut background felt to shape of frame
(2) cut pumpkin stem from felt
(3) cut out 4 circles
(4) fold circles in half and glue halves together, leaving the front and back halves without glue
(5) wrap wire around pencil/skewer and slide off, creating corkscrews
(6) using hot glue, attach pumpkin, stem, and wires to background felt
(7) you're done! enjoy :)

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Karie @ The HoB said...

Love that this is so easy and super cute!

Unknown said...

Cute idea! It'd be great if you'd link it to my pumpkin craft challenge party! Hope to see you there.