22 March 2010


After learning about anti-bacterial products' propensity to breed super-bacteria {which are resistant to anti-bacterial and other products}, I make every effort to avoid using such products in my home. I choose to use other products, such as those below::

.: in the car/purse :.
Those times where I don't have ready access to soap and water, I use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. I keep a small bottle in my car, for using after pumping gas or before having a snack-on-the-run. I also keep a small bottle in my purse, for use when I'm out and about.

.: at home :.
There are a variety of items I use in our home, ranging from store bought products to homemade solutions! Some of these will be eliminated in the future, in favor of even more homemade solutions, but for now these are the products you can find in our home!
.: Method :. this natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly product line graces our home in the form of hand soap, bathroom cleaners, and all-purpose cleaner
.: GreenWorks :. this 95% natural, environmentally friendly product line can be found as our toilet bowl cleaner and all-purpose cleaner I use in the kitchen
.: Seventh Generation :. this non-toxic, environmentally responsible product can be found in our kitchen as dishwasher detergent. Many of their other products are natural as well

.: baking soda :.
This one gets its own category! It is one of THE best natural cleaners, and SO multi-purpose-mix it with some vinegar, and it can clean even more! Click on each of the headers to be brought to Arm & Hammer's page where it tells the proportions to mix :)

.: deodorize shower curtains, floors, tubs, drains, oral appliances, and wastebaskets
.: wash away residues in brushes, combs, even yourself!
.: use as a bath soak, facial scrub, body exfoliant, antacid, deodorant, hand cleanser, mouth wash, toothpaste, or foot soak
.: use to keep your septic system working smoothly
.: mix with vinegar to unclog drains too!

{I have an extra box of baking soda in my laundry room}
.: gentle enough to use for baby's laundry
.: boost your bleach or laundry detergent
.: deodorize pet bedding, cat litter, tough wash jobs, towels and sheets

{I have an extra box of baking soda and bottle of vinegar under our sink just for cleaning use}
.: clean lunch boxes, pots & pans, coffee & tea pots, floors, plastic containers, dishwashers, and microwaves
.: great as a surface cleaner, veggie scrub, and as a silver polish
.: perfect for use when hand washing dishes, pots, and pans
.: deodorize fridges, freezers, garbage cans, drains, garbage disposals, and recyclables
.: let's not forget its use as a fire extinguisher!
.: mix with vinegar to unclog drains too!

.: deodorize cars, camper water tanks, and sports gear
.: bring along on camping trips as a go-to product
.: great for cleaning batteries, cars, and oil or grease stains

.: clean upholstery spills, pet toys, carpet spills, walls, and painted furniture
.: deodorize carpets, upholstery, gym bags, sneakers, closets and sheets

.: safe for cleaning baby toys, combs, and equipment
.: deodorize baby bottles, stuffed animals, and diaper pails

.: great for pool care & maintenance
.: clean grills, pool toys, and lawn furniture
.: use as a dry bath for dogs

:: please note: I have mentioned products and brands that I personally choose to use, nothing more- I have not been reimbursed in any way for mentioning these brand names ::

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Kitchen Stewardship said...

Good to hear from another blogger with a little love affair with baking soda! I'm right there with you! ;) Katie

LuAnn @ BackPorchervations said...

Hi Shauna, found you through Kitchen Stewardship's Spring Cleaning Carnival. Great list of uses for baking soda. DH is a big fan of self-rising flour, so we don't tend to keep yeast, baking powder or baking soda around much, but now I want to go out and buy a BIG box! *lol*

Lenetta said...

I am unfortunately all too familiar with baking soda's abilities as a fire extinguisher! :>) But it sure worked great. Thanks for sharing so many tips!