22 March 2010

meal planning

so this is my first take at meal planning. it's not the best, but I found some great recipes and really wanted to try them, so I started with about three dinners I wanted to try and then found other recipes that used similar ingredientts {ie. if one recipe called for half an onion, I tried to find another recipe that also used half an onion so it wouldn't go bad!}.

future {better} menu planning goals::
>> use coupons expiring this week
>> inventory of my pantry to use up products expiring soon {and stop buying duplicates of items I already have!}
>> good balance of grains/produce/proteins

also, a few notes...
>> my meals start on Wednesday and go through Tuesday. This is because I go to the commissary on Tuesday because that's usually when they have the freshest produce! :)
>> I'm a vegetarian and so some meals seem like more of a few side dishes instead of one main meal :) But that's just what works for me!
>> I'm cooking for one currently, as my DH is deployed. breakfast is mostly bagels, eggs, and/or cereal for me {except where noted} unless I've recently made another pastry, then I'll have that, and lunch is always leftovers.

.: 24-30 March 2010 :.
blueberry banana bread {breakfast}
chick pea nibbles
green beans & carrots parmesan
homemade applesauce

split pea fritters with apple rings

marinated asparagus
cheese & potato bread twists
cranberry-apple chutney {dessert}

crepes with chutney {breakfast}
chick pea burgers

pear-cranberry crisp {dessert}

yellow split pea purée with vegetables
cheese & potato bread twists

pasta primavera

participating in::
Menu Plan Monday @ orgjunkie

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