22 March 2010

metamorphasis baking

.: "baking shelves" transformation :.
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so I do a fair amount of baking, especially with hubby deployed since he always asks for homemade goodies ;) so unfortunately our apartment's kitchen is somewhat lacking in storage, so my baking supplies are relegated to the shelves over the stove... rather irksome since I'm pretty short and can't really reach the top shelf :P anyhoo, there was so much stuff shoved in these two tiny shelves that anytime I needed an item, I'd have to take out four other items to get to it, which made for very inefficient baking.

---> after <---
I'd had enough of the disorganization, so recently I finally got around to reorganizing the shelves. I rearranged some other shelves as well, so some products moved over a cabinet, but it works out sooo much better! Some of my flours {rice, buckwheat, extra spelt} also now reside in the fridge where they'll last longer. The bins are Tupperware, and were a great deal of $10 for four nesting bins, at Walmart. I don't often shop there {as we don't care for their business practices} but I couldn't pass up this deal, especially since I'd been searching for a while for bins like these. All that's left to do is print up some labels with my new lil Dymo :)

top shelf: various nuts, baking cocoa, baking cups, and white chocolate chips.
bottom shelf: baking soda, baking powder, spelt flour, coconut, dark chocolate wafers, kosher salt, white sugar to use up {will be all raw sugar}, dutch-processed cocoa, powdered sugar, white flour {will be all low-gluten flour soon}

the mugs hold my piping supplies- tip, reusable bag, colors. on top of those are random products- some brown sugar to use up, yeast, shortening. In the center/right area are bottles of vinegars- cider, white, red.- agave syrup, vegetable oil, straws.

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dee dee said...

Wonderful organizing!
Dee Dee