18 March 2020

Homeschooling Suddenly: Plug and Play

Hey friends! I hope this week finds you slowly easing into the homeschool world without too many trials. If you're still struggling to find an easy way to homeschool, maybe this will help! 

I've pulled together pre-planned resources (not full curriculums) and listed them below by subject. They're all either free or cheap, so it won't be a financial burden on top of everything else. 

To put together your "curriculum" for your family...

  1. pick one resource per subject
  2. print it out
  3. gather any resources together from around the house that you'll need
  4. done! Easy. Peasy. 

  • Learning Through Literature - download the monthly FREE (with email subscription) poem, including poet bio, poetry vocab, and related works
  • Reading Log- by Everyday Learn and Play, print with the goal to fill it up every week or fill in one per day! 
  • Engaging Littles - easy preschool ideas FREE calendar, additional freebies are scattered around her website!
  • Wee Gallery - download their FREE alphabet coloring pages and do one a day

  • Milwaukee with Kids has put together two weeks of easy at home science experiments!
  • Wild Child Chronicles $6.50/month you receive a monthly letter in the mail "from" Evie & Alexander, two children who go on outdoor adventures! Easy science lesson or nature study
  • Flower of the Month Club- $2/month you receive a digital flower study with coloring page, picture study, poem, and neat facts!
  • Magic School Bus- FREE lesson plans available for each of their original MSB episodes (available on Netflix). Just print out the list of episodes/experiments and start working through them in order (or jump around!) 
  • Curious Kids Club - a FREE resource by Fiddlesticks Education, print out your "curiosity cabinet" and fill it with "jars" as you complete your challenges, do one challenge per week!
  • Little Passports - fun monthly subscription box, up to 20% off (with code: APRIL2020) buy one box and work through it $20-25 per month/box 
  • Wild Wednesday - free nature study each Wednesday from Firefly Nature School, follow their Instagram to see what each week's offering is, do one study per week! 
  • 1000 Hours Outside - get outside into the sanitizing sunshine! FREE tracker printables (start with the First 100) - fill in at least one bubble per day!
  • KiwiCo - a popular subscription box, is offering 15% OFF (with code: LEARN), average box is $25, grab a single box and there's science!
  • Usborne Books & More - sign up for their weekly newsletter, work through all the activities throughout the week
  • Book Seeds by Blossom and Root - grab the bundle or 1-2 books, each has 2 weeks of lessons, one book is a FREEBIE! 30% OFF (with code: sprout30) through April 
  • 15 Preschool Experiments - easy FREE list of experiments using household items, work through 1-2 a week
  • Post From the Past - ~$9/month you receive a monthly letter in the mail "from" a historical figure, and free digital downloads, easy History lesson!
  • Letters From Afar$6/month you receive a monthly letter in the mail "from" Isabelle, a girl who explores far away lands, easy Geography lesson! You can even write back to her! 
  • Heritage Letter - $6/month you receive a monthly letter in the mail "from" a historical figure, easy History lesson! 25% OFF women in history digital letters throughout March, and FREE digital downloads 
  • Crafty Classroom USA Bundle $15, do one state per day/week
  • Little Passports - fun monthly box subscription, 15% off (with code: SPRING2020) buy one box and work through it $20-25 per month/box 
  • 52 Drawing Tutorials - a year of weekly tutorials for $10!
  • Papio Press - print off a brand new free coloring page every Monday
  • Usborne Books & More - sign up for their weekly newsletter, work through all the activities throughout the week
  • Daisy Yellow does a yearly Index Card A Day Challenge! Scroll down and find the prompts for 2019- do one a day for quick and simple art class! She outlines HERE tips for kids joining the challenge.
  • SQUILT Music - $5 monthly listening calendar, a clickable PDF with youtube links for a new piece of curated music everyday! 
  • Classics for Kids - free monthly activity sheet on a new composer & music each month (found on their homepage)
  • Home in the Shire - free printable list of nature study Scripture memory verses for spring, do one per week
  • Catechesis Books - their First Bible Basics coloring pages (10 pages) for FREE through these turbulent times, do 1-2 per week and read the corresponding Scripture story
  • Jesus Storybook Bible - free printable Lent reading plan calendar when you subscribe to the email list!
  • 1000 Hours Outside - get outside into the sanitizing sunshine! FREE tracker printables (start with the First 100) - fill in at least one bubble per day!

Now, on the other hand, are you just stressed and overwhelmed as it is, and you just want something easy, relaxed, planned out for you, minimal extra resources needed??? You really just want your kids to stay engaged over the next few weeks, but you're not worried about formally teaching each subject everyday? Oh yea, and you can't break the bank? Here are my top picks for relaxed unit study/curriculums that incorporate a little bit of everything (often without even realize you're learning)!
  • Morning Time Plans - a month of FREE "Morning Basket" weekly lesson plans
  • Gentle & Classical Nature - Term 1 (12 weeks) is FREE when you subscribe to her emails, with optional printable resources for purchase, curriculum is nature study based 
  • Kinder Nature Beginnings- Language Arts ($20), Kinder Nature Beginnings Art Numbers  (currently FREE), Kinder Nature Beginnings Nature Journal (currently FREE) - combined make a great well-rounded curriculum! And this could easily cover up to grade 1 as review work over the next weeks. 
  • Exploring Nature with Children $18 - year long nature-based curriculum for the whole family, featuring nature walk, poetry, art, booklist suggestions, and extension activities
  • On Mission Magazine- $16 mailed or $8 digital quarterly, 40+ pages of content
  • Spring Curriculum from Tanglewood Hollow- $20, nature based learning guide, she also has a Summer, Winter, and Autumn Curriculums
  • Book Seeds by Blossom and Root - 30% off through end of April (with code: sprout30), mini literature-based nature units, pick up their Spring Bundle and start working through them 1 per week
  • A Gentle Feast - get their Summer Morning Time Packet for FREE through the end of March, featuring 4 weeks of plans
  • Clickschooling - sign up for FREE emails, they email out links for educational resources each day- Math Monday, Science Tuesday, English Wed, Social Sciences Thurs, Field Trip Fri, Music/Art/Foreign Lang Saturday

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